Twitter and TV has been a subject that has been discussed a lot in 2013. While Twitter has been acquiring startups in the second screen space, it has also partnered with a few tech companies that have been doing really well. Zauber is one such company based out in Argentina which has Twitter certified products under its arsenal. Interestingly, the company has opened up a business development center in India and hired a couple of people in the country.

To know more about the company and what brings a Latin American company to India, I did a video interview with Gabriel Baños, the CEO and Co-Founder at Zauber. The interaction with Gabriel focused on three distinct areas:

1. Understanding more about Zauber product Flowics: The Argentina based Gabriel shared comprehensive knowledge about Flowics which is Twitter visualization in real time. The Twitter certified product helps brands/digital agencies to display, moderate and curate social content on any environment. So Flowics can build Twitter integration for TV, live sports or events to drive engagement.

2. Implementation of Flowics in India: While sharing the use cases of Flowics in India, Gabriel shared the campaign that they did during Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement from cricket. The campaign not only gave the company a lot of eye balls but also made Gabriel aware of the fan power that the little master drives in the country. He also shared one more campaign detail for Star TV in the country.

3. Thoughts on Social TV and the road ahead in India: Gabriel is of the opinion that Social TV is a growing market and Twitter is leading the game. In fact Zauber is witnessing massive growth in emerging markets and that is one of the reason why they have started a business development operation in India. 2014 looks impressive for the company, thinks the Co-Founder, who is also in awe with the country’s beauty and culture.