Fox life sound trek

There’s some great news for music buffs in the country, which means there’s great news for nearly everybody. Fox Life is bringing the much awaited Season 2 of SoundTrek, premiering today on the 1st of September 2014.

This time, popular artists from around the country are seen travelling to various places, picking an old classic song, delving into its history and recreating it in their own personal style. Re-interpretation, re-imagination, a revival of old favourites by the likes of Gurdeep Mehendi, Uday Benegal of Indus Creed and more to be enjoyed in this season of the music show.

The promotions of the show are also aligned with the central theme of music. The channel in association with its digital agency Flying Cursor has designed some exciting activities on social media to get music fans to tune into the show.

Fox Life launched a fun new Facebook app called ‘Guess That Song’ on its Facebook page with over 2.8 million fans. As the name suggests, it takes inspiration from the popular party game ‘Dumb Charades’ where one needs to guess the name of a movie that is being enacted. Only here, it’s a popular song that is being enacted by comedian Aditi Mittal in her quintessential quirky way!


Once you click on ‘I’m ready to guess that song’ on the Home page, the clock starts ticking while you are on your toes figuring out the song Aditi is hinting at. The app lets you watch the video a second time if you need to, but no more than twice. If you get it, enter the song name and submit. If not, you visit the ‘Winners’ section or the ‘SoundTrek Mixes’ section.

Five short videos for each of the 5-day campaign has five winners who get SoundTrek merchandise as prizes. The SoundTrek Mixes’ section gives a glimpse of the show with short videos of remixed classics like ‘Tutak Tutiya’.

On Twitter, the channel has been urging its fans to participate in the Facebook contest, while also sharing about the show. For Bangalore folks, there’s also a Twitter contest to win invites to the Fox Life party in the city.

Driving the right audience

With digital consumption on the rise, more information distributed via screens of varying sizes, cheaper smartphones and somewhat affordable data plans, the end consumer has various sources of entertainment today. Television, despite being the most popular medium in the country, faces the risk of losing its urban audience in this division, and has been one of the first mediums to explore social media to reach out to its relevant viewers. The fun promotions for SoundTrek Season 2 will work in the favour of Fox Life – an English language channel targeted to the social savvy urban consumer.

Moreover, the simple guessing game is something all of us relate to, and in line with the show’s concept of having the best musicians re-create old classics. Simple and engaging campaign that can lend itself to further engagement and conversations with the relevant viewer. The video description displays hashtags for each of the videos like in the Gurdeep Mehendi video, one can see #GurdeepMix conversations catching the pulse of the television listeners on social media. These hashtags would help identify viewer feedback on the remixed songs and probably involve them too, with their own remixed versions.

Hope you tune in tonight at 10 and watch what others have to say via the hashtags.

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