Darth Vader is running for prime minister in Ukraine’s upcoming elections.

His full legal name is Darth Alekseyevich Vader and he is a real candidate on Sunday’s ballot. Once an electrician named Viktor Shevchenko, Darth is now the standard-bearer of the Internet Party.

“When I get to parliament, I will expel all the deputies,” he told the Associated Press. “They have proven their uselessness. Computers will work in their place and they will fulfill their functions without cease.”

Ukraine’s own Dark Lord of the Sith even has a few rather epic campaign ads:

This isn’t the first time Vader has tried to infiltrate the country’s government in Kiev. Earlier this year, he made a bid for president but was turned away when he would not show his face.

And Newsweek says he also ran for mayor of Kiev and Odessa in the past.

This time, Darth Vader appears to be using selfies as a campaign tactic. Perhaps in an effort to soften his image as a frightening warlord.

But he may want to avoid striking fear in the hearts of the tiniest Ukrainians.

Vader isn’t the only Star Wars character on the ballot Sunday. His Internet Party has also registered Yoda, Padme Amidala, Palpatine, and Chewbacca with the country’s Central Election Committee.

According to the AP, Vader has taken to traveling around Kiev on a campaign van complete with a stormtrooper entourage and billowing smoke clouds. He has also made promises to take back Crimea and stop the separatists in eastern Ukraine by building “a military space station…that will protect the whole territory” of the country.

But the force may not be with Ukraine’s Darth Vader on Sunday. Polling thus far does not project any seats for his Internet Party.

[photo credit: Vladimir Yaitskiy]