facebook political interest lists

2014 is a big year in Indian politics since the country is going to witness General Elections or Lok Sabha Elections in May. Social networking sites may not influence the voters directly but they are sure creating the required buzz and relevant awareness for a voter. After adding “Register To Vote” in its Life Event section on Facebook, the social networking company has now created Indian Political Interest Lists.

The Facebook Note that the India division has created is divided into three parts:

1. List of popular verified Facebook political party pages to be followed.

2. List of Indian political parties.

3. List of Indian political leaders.

These public lists are a good place to seek the right information from parties and their influential leaders. For example the list of Indian political leaders features 22 influential leaders which include the likes of Shashi Tharoor, Ajay Maken, Mamata Banerjee, Manish Sisodia, among others. Same is the case with the other public list. If you are the person who likes to keep a grip on the latest developments in politics then this is the list for you to subscribe.

These lists from Facebook have come after the most popular social network in the country with more than 82 million monthly active users had added the “Register To Vote” feature. According to Facebook the new feature was made to encourage more Indian citizens to vote in the upcoming elections. Ankhi Das, Director, Public Policy, Facebook India had stated that the new change will produce grassroots momentum and engagement in the country. But we did debate that a mere addition of a feature won’t bring much change and it serves as just an another medium to promote and discuss.

However, creating public lists is a great add-on for people who take special interest in politics and share them too, since these are from verified pages.

Image credit: im.tech2.in.com