Durex Dotherex

Durex, the global leader in sexual well-being, has roped in actor Ranveer Singh as the new face of the brand to promote its message of safe sex amongst the youth of the country. The young actor does it in his characteristic energetic style by calling on everybody in love to ‘Do the Rex’ when they have had great sex. Yes! You can trust only Ranveer to spread this Durex message with elan.

Based on the brand’s belief that ‘great sex moves you’, the nationwide campaign has introduced a unique concept called ‘rexing’ in celebration of the magical experience. A team of accomplished choreographers have developed a dance move called the ‘REX’ defined as ‘a physical expression of joy and ecstasy experienced after a wonderful sexual experience has moved you.

Following much anticipation created by the condom brand on its social media platforms, ‘Do the Rex’ was launched via a music video where Ranveer shows us how to do the Rex. Interestingly, Ranveer Singh has written and rapped the lyrics of the soundtrack as well.

In this 2-minute long video, Ranveer starts off after a great session of lovemaking to ‘do the rex’. You see him moving around greeting everyone happily, before he starts to rap; the lyrics of which are given below the video as well as on the website.

A specially designed microsite ‘Do the rex‘ features the music video. One can choose to share it or download the video or the audio for the number. The site also provides the lyrics while under ‘coming soon’ we have ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘how to rex’.

#DoTheRex on social

Social platforms were used to create intrigue around the new move by Ranveer. Fans were invited to guess what the actor was upto with Durex India. Contests were hosted on both Durex India’s Facebook and Twitter pages creating a hype around the new move. Finally, the video was released after short teasers and fans were shown how to #DoTheRex

Connecting with the youth

Durex has taken a complete origin shift with the ‘Do the Rex’. The condom brand is no more about the sensual woman urging the consumer to boost Durex sales; the brand is looking to become a part of everyday conversations with this new campaign. In a country that is still reluctant to talk freely about safe sex, ‘Do the Rex’ provides a cool topic to kickstart conversations around the same.

Ranveer is also the right fit to get on a racy idea like ‘rexing’ across. By using dance as a form of celebration, the campaign manages to fall smoothly into popular culture and youth speak.

Durex made good use of social media to build up the right space to introduce ‘rexing’. The suspense created around the new campaign involving Ranveer had only further added to the brand’s new communication.

The challenge, however, would be to sustain this line of conversation with the consumer.