It is an awesome time of the year for foodies in the country. Domino’s India has refreshed its menu. The pizza brand has introduced 10 new flavours with five for the vegetarians and five for the non-vegetarians. With interesting names like Chicken Dominator, Seventh Heaven, Veggie Paradise, Spice Chicken Tango and Cloud 9 to name a few, the brand launched a set of three television commercials, quirky enough for consumers to start learning the new flavours by heart.

One of the TVCs is set at a race course with a horse numbered 7. Cut to the scene where a man is enjoying a head massage at a salon. Cut to the scene where this man is still enjoying his head massage but this time he is riding the horse numbered 7, along with the massager. All the while, the voiceover tries to build a connect with “yeh seven…yeh heaven…yeh seventh heaven..yeh combination tho bakwas hai…lekin.. “ while finally introducing the Seventh Heaven flavour, and talking about the Domino’s refreshed menu.

The other 2 films are equally quirky and in line with the objective of promoting the ten new flavours.The pizza brand has also leveraged social media in addition to TV, with some fun contests for the online community. The idea is to create as much buzz and engagement around the new flavours and their quirky names.

The below screenshot is the #PizzaPictionary contest on the Domino’s Pizza Facebook page. One has to guess the new pizza flavour correctly in the comments and also be the last to comment, for a chance to win brand vouchers. Though a ‘forced’ fan engagement, the brand has managed to garner a massive number of comments on this type of wall posts, with users hampering over each other to be the last one to comment.


The other engaging activity is the Ten-on-Ten Friends contest on Facebook that capitalized on gaining ‘likes’ and spreading socially. To participate, one needs to upload their picture with at least 10 friends on the Domino’s Pizza Facebook wall and tag all of them. These pictures will be shortlisted and put up for garnering ‘likes’ for the day. The person with the most likes wins Domino’s vouchers and ten friends get a chance to win a Domino’s treat with the ten new pizzas.


The Domino’s India Twitter page also started doing its bit to make some noise. It launched the #TenonTen contest where users had to guess the new flavour being referred to. Clues to the menu on the Domino’s website were also shared, making it amply easier to participate.

Highlight on the new flavours

Domino’s India needed consumers to be acquainted with each of its new flavours. The campaign, in a nutshell, has managed to do that – at least I know the names of a few flavours already and what are the toppings. Both the popular platforms of Facebook and Twitter have been sharing content around the flavours and gratifying users for guessing them correctly. The emphasis on the flavours and the number ’10′ adds further to the brand communication, along with driving engagement. The campaign has also managed to deepen Domino’s association between friends and pizza.

The only problem I see is so many folks complaining about not receiving their vouchers won at an earlier contest. Campaigns with simple contests that increase brand engagement need to ensure the fan base is happy too. Brand affinity can only be built on real and long term engagement.