Delhi Police social media

After Mumbai Police, now Delhi Police wants a mechanism to monitor provocative social media content. According a latest development, Delhi Police has decided to set up a dedicated center to analyse content of various social media websites in an effort to monitor provocative postings and take preventive steps to check any negative fallout.

The decision to set up a monitoring cell has been cleared by the Center and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook will be monitored to begin with. However, it is being said that the monitoring wouldn’t be intrusive and it will monitor openly available content related to the national capital.

The program that is going to be implemented soon will help police gauge the larger public mood and perception about various issues. It is being expected that the system will come into existence in three to four months, and a server and government-approved software will be bought for it.

Besides Delhi Police personnel will be trained to use the system that would raise red flags over any inflammatory postings which might have bearing over the law and order situation of the city.

But this isn’t a first attempt by Delhi Police to try and set up a cell that would monitor social media content.

Last year, post communal tensions in Muzaffarnagar in western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi Police was in talks with social media monitoring companies which could help them monitor content. It had also met with representatives of 18 companies who have shown interest in providing such a platform. Some of the companies were – Verint Systems Ltd (Gurgaon), Precision Operation Systems Pvt. Ltd (Thane), Keltron Ltd (Kerala), Reliance Security Solutions Ltd. (Gurgaon), among others.

While there is no reason why the last year’s project was delayed but with the social and tech savvy Modi government at center now, my belief is that such cells would be a reality soon.