The Force was not with Darth Vader in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections Sunday.

The prime minister candidate was turned away from the polls in Kiev when he refused to remove his mask. A similar incident had denied him the ability to run in May’s presidential election.

“The fact that I did not vote does not mean that my empire will not win”,” Vader said.

The man once known as Viktor Shevchenko changed his legal name to Darth Alekseyevich Vader in a bid to lead Ukraine’s Internet Party in several elections over the past few years. He had become well-known for his flashy campaigning on a black van complete with stormtrooper entourage. His party also produced slick campaign videos showing Darth Vader fighting (presumably Russian-aligned) Jedi and lounging around Kiev with other Star Wars characters.

The Internet Party also fielded other candidates with names taken from the iconic science fiction franchise, including Yoda and Chewbacca. Vader stood as its prime minister candidate in Sunday’s election. Polling agencies did not give it much chance to win a seat, much less the prime ministership. Actual voting does not seem to have proven them wrong.

Darth Vader, Ukraine’s own Dark Lord of the Sith, challenged the poll workers but his arguments proved fruitless.

“Here is my face on the passport,” he said, according to The Telegraph. “Where does the law say that I have to take off my mask?”

One of his campaign managers told ABC News that Darth Vader “would die if he took his helmet off,” a nod to the films and an apparent explanation for his inability to comply with the request.

According to ABC, only 40 percent of registered voters had voted by 4 p.m. local time, but much of the eastern part of the country was not expected to take part because of its pro-Russian tilt. Most in the region do not respect the central government in Kiev, a stance Ukraine’s government calls illegitimate.

While it will not be led by Darth Vader, Ukraine’s parliament will be full of pro-Western candidates after their victory Sunday.