Cadbury 5 star anti seriousness

Cadbury 5 star, the chocolate bar from Cadbury India is more than just chocolate. If the new ad for the chocolate bar is to be believed, Cadbury 5 star can now cure ‘seriousness’. No kidding! The Ramesh-Suresh duo losing their memory every time they munched into a bar of Cadbury 5 star will now give way to the new message.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather, the latest communication is focused around an anti-seriousness campaign, where ‘seriousness’ is considered a social disease that needs to be eradicated with 5 Star.

Inki #ConditionSeriousHai

The minute-long ad starts with a birth scene from centuries ago, where it says children were born happy while a newborn pops out laughing out loud. Then one fine day, a dangerous disease called ‘seriousness’ spread like an epidemic. Newborns came into the world with a ‘serious’ attitude, leading to a world of serious adults. It is then that a doctor diagnoses the problem and injects a bar of 5 Star into one of them. The man gets all funny while the ad ends with the line, ‘Cadbury 5 Star andar, seriousness bahar”.

In 20 days, it has garnered nearly 725K views on YouTube. The ad has been creating buzz on social media with a common hashtag #ConditionSeriousHai. The brand has been spreading evidence of the said disease through its social networks, while encouraging the community to keep seriousness away. The campaign has also engaged them with blogging, Facebook and Twitter contests.

#ConditionSeriousHai blogging contest

The campaign has leveraged the power of blogs with a blogging contest on Indiblogger, one of India’s largest blogging community. The 15-day blogging contest invited bloggers to blog about their encounter with someone or something jiski #ConditionSeriousHai. The basis of judgement is originality and creativity while keeping the humour quotient high.

Humorous entries have poured in with cool incentives on offer – the grand prize is an iPhone 5C 32GB, while the first runner-up wins a BOSE Soundlink Bluetooth mobile speaker and three second runners-up win a Sony DSC-HX50V Advance point and shoot cameras.

#ConditionSeriousHai on Facebook and Twitter

Buzz on Facebook started with a few teaser updates prior to the ad being shared. The Facebook timeline has been sharing ‘seriousness’ statistics in the country with interesting visuals. A funny caption adding contest was also hosted on the timeline with gift hampers for prizes.

Twitter hasn’t been left behind. The 140-character social platform has been leveraged to engage the community with witty contests. Users have been invited to tweet their wacky interpretations of people suffering from the ‘seriousness’ disorder with gift hampers for prizes.

An all-round refresher campaign

The Ramesh-Suresh antics have been so strongly embedded into our psyche by Cadbury 5 Star that it needed something as ‘crazy’ a concept as #ConditionSeriousHai to shake that off our minds. The hilarious ad accompanied by engaging the social crowd has indeed helped the chocolate bar to do that. In fact, it only complements the existing frivolousness of the Ramesh-Suresh duo.

The campaign has leveraged social networks in a creative manner given the humour quotient driving the communication. Blogging contests, funny caption contests and wacky tweets have helped involve the community. Besides, the use of a common hashtag “#ConditionSeriousHai” for the campaign on all social networks has ensured a strong recall. #ConditionSeriousHai is a well-executed integrated campaign, in a nutshell.

Going by the comments below the YouTube video, I reckon our country surely needs a cure for seriousness. Seriously!