Brexit Social Listening Talkwalker

The UK has voted to leave the EU in a historic referendum making “Brexit”, the British exit from the European Union, very close to becoming reality. But the UK certainly isn’t alone in it’s euroscepticism and using social listening, we’ve taken a look at the other nations that may now be looking to leave the EU by tracking the various #?exit hashtags for a selection of European countries.

The graph below shows the volume of unique mentions of EU exit hashtags by European nations over the last 24 hours – June 23 10 am – June 24 10am (CET):

Infographic Who

The Netherlands’ exit hashtag #Nexit and #Nethexit leads the way followed by #Frexit and #Fraxit for France both with close to 7000 unique uses over the last day. Unique mentions exclude retweets and have been used in this analysis as retweets skewed the overall data.

The chart below shows the numbers and terms that were analyzed:

brexit chart view

For more Brexit related insights, visit our live EU referendum dashboard which highlights all the post-referendum discussions online and across social networks.

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