BMW dont postpone joy

The luxury car market in India, as well as globally, isn’t in for a smooth ride. The reports on last years’ sales in the country point towards a depression in the car market, however luxury car players have posted a positive growth, which is still the lowest in the past five years. BMW lost the top spot to other German auto makers, Audi and Mercedes-Benz with a 22% drop in sales in 2013.

But, all is not lost for the German carmaker. As per Google’s trends, conducted between January and August 25, 2014, BMW and Mercedes-Benz were the most searched luxury car brands in India, followed by Tata’s Jaguar and Audi. Google also revealed that smaller towns were driving the online search for luxury cars in India.

BMW led the search charts at the start of 2014 with searches peaking in its favour before losing momentum as it witnessed the lowest search interest during the month of May. Among the search interest for BMW are smaller cities and towns like Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Surat, Pune, Bhubaneswar, and Chandigarh.

The Google Trends report highlighted that the online presence and popularity of luxury car makers is going to be a ‘key contributor to their larger success story’.

And BMW India is well on its way to building its online presence and popularity amongst the digitally equipped youth, from metros as well as smaller towns.

Known for its sheer driving pleasure, BMW has launched a new campaign to rekindle love in the age of EMIs. In its new campaign, ‘Don’t Postpone Joy’, BMW is exalting Indians to embrace the present over the future. The key message seems to be that the earlier you buy a BMW car, the longer you enjoy it, so why postpone?

As Indians believe in saving for the future, and postponing luxuries of life, BMW in this campaign reminds them that time is passing by – so it’s about living for the moment and enjoying it.

The film opens with a new born child who quickly turns into a 60 year old – going through various life stages in a matter of seconds. The voice over is heard saying a human being goes from 0-60 in under 2 billion seconds, at what point in your life would you start enjoying the ride.

Conceptualized and made by Ogilvy Gurgaon for BMW India, this film has been specifically made for the Indian market.

The ad film is being supported by a ‘DontPostponeJoy’ website powered by social logins. Visitors can log in into the site using the Facebook or Twitter sign-in buttons provided and enter their age, the site calculates their age in seconds with a live rising ticker. They are then asked to share that one joy they’ve been postponing for the longest time, while the site creates a shareable content piece with their idea of joy in a virtual bucket.

They can then share this bucket of joy with their social connections using the Facebook and Twitter share buttons to declare that they will not postpone this joy.

The website also features the Twitter conversations hashtagged with #DontPostponeJoy and a text box where you can join the conversation. The site link shared in the social updates further drives traffic from social media.

Associating joy with a BMW

The German car maker with local manufacturing facilities in the country seems to be catering to a very Indian psyche that believes in saving and not spending on the luxuries of life. ‘Don’t postpone joy’ is not just a campaign, but an action-oriented statement that makes a consumer sit up and take notice.

While earlier, luxury car makers leveraged the digital and social media space to build aspiration for the brand, BMW has now moved ahead in its communication by associating its luxury cars with ‘joy’. The ownership of a BMW has now been likened to fulfilling an important joy of your life. The campaign is well supported by the website and the hashtagged conversations driving the message with #DontPostponeJoy.

Perhaps, the campaign can reach out to more digital audiences by roping in auto bloggers and owners of BMW to share their stories of joy.