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Axis Bank, the third largest private sector bank in India, is further strengthening its brand philosophy with ‘’. Having chosen to be encouraging partners in the journey of our lives, the bank had adopted its new philosophy, ‘Badthi ka naam zindagi’ way back in 2012.

Taking this vision forward, Axis has launched the latest online initiative through the ‘MyIdeaOfProgress’ microsite, part of a 360 degree media campaign to get consumers acquainted with the bank’s vision.

Recently, Axis signed on popular Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, also the most successful actress in terms of number of box office hits, to represent the bank. Integrated deeply in its brand philosophy, the new campaign will help boost its association with progress in its consumers’ lives. The bank is enabling people to share their ideas of progress on a dedicated microsite.

The microsite is powered by a Facebook and a LinkedIn login, in addition to email signup. One can sign in at the microsite and share their idea of progress, using an image or a video. The shortlisted ones will be put up for voting. Gratification consists of e-vouchers worth Rs. 250 daily, e-vouchers worth Rs. 1000 daily to the 20 top-voted ideas, and also best diaries will get autographed by Deepika. Additionally, the bank will try to chip in too for a winning progress idea.

The ‘Showcase’ provides a virtual window to the many ideas shared at the microsite. Top voted ideas of progress have been featured at the ‘winner’s gallery’. The page has 346 stories shared at present.

The initiative has also roped in celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Mira Nair, R Balki and Manish Malhotra to share their ideas of progress.

For ‘MyIdeaOfProgress’, the bank has also leveraged social media to spread the buzz. The Axis Bank Facebook page with a fan base of 2.6 million, has uploaded a brand new cover photo inviting fans to share their ideas at the microsite. Posts sharing the video embedded above, are also being shared. The Twitter page has almost the same content as that of Facebook.

Connecting brand belief

The idea of progress means different things to different people. While for some it might mean buying a dream home, for others it might mean taking up a social responsibility and changing lives. By collating them all at a microsite, the bank can better understand its potential customers in terms of what progress means to them and how the bank can connect with them better.

‘MyIdeaOfProgress’ is apparently an attempt to create deeper bonds with potential customers, thereby reinforcing its brand belief of being encouraging partners in life’s journey. Besides, it also ties up well with ‘Badthi ka naam zindagi’.

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