Arab officials have condemned the terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris, and have voiced their support for France and the people of the country.

The shooting at Charlie Hebdo headquarters happened late in the morning Paris time, and left 12 employees of the satirical magazine dead and another 10 injured. The attack is being labeled as a terrorist strike on the magazine, which is not unfamiliar with such attacks. The last tweet from the magazine is a satirical cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, posted just moments before the shooting:

Now, the Arab League has spoken out against the attacks so French officials know they do not approve of such violence. The Arab League serves as an umbrella organization for Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia. However, the league is not the only organization or country in the Arab world to speak out against the attacks.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry said of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, “Egypt stands by France in confronting terrorism, an international phenomenon that targets the world’s security and stability and which requires coordinated international efforts.”

The organization Dar Al-Ifta, which has voiced displeasure with Danish cartoonists in the past, has also come out to condemn the shooting. Ibrahim Negm, a spokesman for the institute, claimed the shooting was condemnable “whether it is religiously-motivated or stemmed from reckless actions.”

Negm also went on to discuss what will certainly become growing dissension and anger towards Muslims living in Paris, as tensions have already been high in the country. Many European citizens have begun defecting to fight alongside extremist groups in the region. In order to try and curb anymore violence, Negm implored Islamic groups in Paris and surrounding French areas to explain the Islamic vision regarding the respect of the right to freedom of expression as a basic guarantor for the democratic process in the whole world.”

The suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting are still at large, but there is little doubt the attack is terrorist related.