Now you can select the colour of your apparel at Allen Solly. The apparel brand has created an application, wherein customers can now pick a base colour and try various combinations from its “Colour wheel”, embedded with 670 combinations. Once you select the customised colour, the apparel will be delivered to the brand’s store within 15 days. If you are looking for an immediate weekend wear, the store has 36 customised and pre-selected colours too, to be delivered within four days. However, you have to shell out up to 20 per cent more for the premium service.

ColourLab on social

A first in the country, the new colour co-creation concept by Allen Solly saw the launch of the colourlab party attended by some of the industries fashionable people, who played around with colours. A short video plays out the meaning of colours in their lives as well as serves to promote the new feature by Allen Solly. The application has also been explained via a video tutorial uploaded on the brand’s YouTube page.

Along with the videos, the apparel brand has been generating some buzz for the ColourLab feature on social media too. The 1.5 million strong Allen Solly Facebook community has been invited to try out the new feature to create a signature colour of their choice. A brand new cover photo and numerous updates adorn the wall with the benefits of the new feature. Fans and followers on Twitter have been asked to send in their pictures and these would be colourised by the brand.

Vanraj Gadhavi got colourised with #AllenSolly #ColourLab

— Allen Solly (@allensolly) October 29, 2013

The ColourLab is an exciting new application that could have been reflected in an appealing manner on social media. The brand could have put a Facebook app that replicates the application at the store, enabling fans to play around with it and further sharing it with their network. Perhaps this might be coming up in the near future.