Launched in 2012, Airtel Money, Bharti Airtel’s m-Commerce brand, is once again out to refresh the consumer mind on the safety and convenience of using the service. Enabling easier, convenient, secure and reliable alternative to cash transactions like money transfer, railway ticket bookings, electricity bill payments and more, Airtel Money is like carrying a secure and convenient wallet on your phone.

One can send or receive money through their mobile, be it at any time of the day, or any place. The same has been reflected in the new TVCs conceptualized by Taproot India.

The TVCs feature a typical middle class family fraught with money issues like bill payment, money transfer on a bank holiday and more. A family of four consisting of a father, a mother, a son and daughter reflect the changing times where both children are completely occupied on their mobile phones, while at the dinner table or on the couch. The father’s opinion of his son as an irresponsible person is changed every time the tech savvy son uses Airtel Money to pay the bills or transfer money to someone.

In this TVC ‘Pay electricity bills’ at the dining table, the son is actually paying the electricity bill, while the father is complaining about his forgetfulness to the mother. The TVC ends with an enlightened father on the ease of Airtel Money and his smart son!

The other TVC ‘Send money‘ revolves around the son forgetting to send money to Kanpur the previous day. While the father is complaining about it being a bank holiday followed by a Sunday the next day, the son is seen already transferring the funds through Airtel Money.

Airtel Money is now the flavour of the season on Airtel’s social networks. The 5.2 million fan base strong Airtel India Facebook page sports a cover page and wall updates on Airtel Money and its many advantages, along with sharing the TVC videos. Similar promotions are being run on Twitter for its over one lakh followers.

Airtel Money which operates through its subsidiary Airtel M Commerce Services Ltd stated in October 2013 that total transactions value of Airtel Money had increased by 10-fold to Rs 654 crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2013, up from Rs 69 crore in same quarter last year while the subscriber base had increased 168.5% year on year to 1.4 million subscribers.

Competitors like Vodafone have a similar service M-Pesa which is slowly being rolled out across the country and Idea Mobile Commerce Services, the mobile banking subsidiary of the telco Idea Cellular has received a five-year prepaid mobile wallet license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Not only operators but players like Reliance Payment Solutions, MobiKwik, and One97 Communcations have joined the race.

However, Airtel money has seen a decline in its active user base, which reduced to 1.3 million from 1.4 million for the quarter ended Dec 31, 2013, despite its growth of total value of transactions made from the previous quarter. Hopefully, this fresh new set of TVCs might save the day.