Political parties joining social media is no more breaking news but a required strategy with the Lok Sabha elections happening this year. But if the Communist Party of India finally makes the long awaited move to join social media then it is a story that needs to be told. Reported by the ET, the CPM party has finally logged on to Twitter with the handle @cpimspeak.

The first tweet appears to be on Feb 25, the day on which the CPM party with 11 non Cong, non BJP parties decide to work together to present an alternative before the country – The First Front party of the Country. Is that the motive behind joining social media?

Thereafter the Twitter account has been decently active by majorly focusing on why the CPM has once again dreamt of giving a new leadership to the country. With 42 odd tweets the account is being followed by more than 1500 followers.

In addition to this, the party has a YouTube presence too with lots of videos being uploaded in the last two weeks. However the YouTube account has been out there for more than a year now and it was initially called as Sangharsh Sandesh. In fact the same has been the name for its Facebook page which remains inactive for now. CPM is yet to launch their Facebook presence.

With the dream of floating a First Front Party, CPM is once again trying to connect with the youth in the country. The move is also a clear peer pressure move when its biggest competitor in the state – West Bengal. CM Mamata Banerjee’s All India Trinamool Congress has been quite active from May 2011. Mamata adopted social media before she became the CM and today the social media cell is being driven by Rajya Sabha MP, Derek O’Brien, and aided at times by Hotmail Founder Sabeer Bhatia along with a host of other global social media giants.

If we look at the numbers – All India Trinamool Congress Party (Official) Facebook page that was launched in 2011, has more than 12K fans and the Twitter page has more than 4K followers. Apart from the fan following, the social media presence of the party has been quite aggressive and constantly spreads the party’s message along with clearing the notion.

At the same time, the CM of West Bengal and the head of TMC, Mamata has a very active Facebook page. The page that has more than 628K fans has witnessed the CM taking a stand quite categorically on various issues related to the state and the Indian Government.

With a few months left, CPM’s move to join social media looks like a desperate stance and even the party agrees that it is an election motivated move. CPM central committee member, Nilotpal Basu shared with ET that to some extent joining Twitter ahead of the elections is the key reason but the party is also looking for feedback from the tech-savvy population.

“Our sole intention was to put across our political views to the tech-savvy population and get their feedback as well. I think this is the most effective way to communicate with the younger generation.”

The coming months will prove if the younger generation would like to be connected to CPM’s new effort, though late in the game compared to the National parties of the country – BJP, Congress and AAP.