According to a new report, a staggering 97% of the Indians surveyed follow their favourite brands on social media. The finding is a part of the proprietary research report “Content Matters: The Impact of Brand Storytelling Online in 2014” done by Integrated communications agency Waggener Edstrom Communications (WE).

The study performed across ten Asia Pacific markets including India surveyed over 2,200 consumers between the ages of 15 and 60. The purpose was to look at the impact of brand storytelling online on driving key consumer behaviors such as brand advocacy, spending, and engagement across six business categories.

Some of the other interesting findings from the report for India are,

1. Mobile devices, consumer electronics, and food & beverage products are among the top three sectors when it comes to Indians liking them on social media.

2. 72% of the Indian consumers surveyed follow their favourite healthcare brand on social channels, which is even higher than the Asia-Pacific average for the healthcare sector at 48%.

3. 91% of Indian online consumers use Facebook frequently or very frequently, followed by Twitter at 42% and WeChat at 39%.

4. Consumers in India who follow Travel & Tourism brands spend up to 187% more on Travel & Tourism products per year.

5. Consumers in India who follow Personal Care brands online spend up to 100% more on Personal Care products per week.

6. 83% of digital consumers in India search for the latest deals and promotions from brands on social media.

7. 83% Indian consumers click on advertisements and advertorial content.

Some of the other interesting findings from the report for Asia Pacific region are:

1. Across the APAC region, Mobile Device brands have the most digital fans and followers; 72% of Asian consumers stated that they follow a Mobile Device brand in the digital space.

2. Healthcare and Food & Beverage sectors enjoy the most impact on Asian consumer spending behaviors – with an average increased spend of 129% for Healthcare and 90% for F&B as a result of consumers following these category brands online

3. 78% of Asian digital consumers state they obtain information about product and services using social media.

4. 78% of Chinese use Weibo frequently or very frequently, followed by QQ at 93%. In South Korea 32% use Cyworld and 21% use KakaoTalk frequently or very frequently.

Sharing thoughts on the findings Madhuri Sen, Managing Director, India at Waggener Edstrom stated that in 2014 Indian brands would witness more multi-channel brand storytelling rewarded with larger spends, engagement rates, and higher levels of brand advocacy.

You can download the entire report here or observe the below infograph to get more insights.