You can’t praise your rival even if he is the PM of the country, is the dictate that the country’s oldest party is imposing on its party members. Shashi Tharoor who has always been at the receiving end for his style of working with Indian National Congress has been sacked from the party spokesperson’s position for having praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi once too often.

Accoridng to NDTV, Sonia Gandhi has reportedly agreed with those in the Congress who allege that Tharoor has embarrassed and hurt the party with his “unnecessary adulation of PM Modi” in columns on NDTV and other sites. The party was also not impressed that he had accepted and praised PM’s “Swachh Bharat” campaign

The matter came into light when Kerala Congress leaders recently alleged that there have been multiple incidents when Tharoor had gone overboard in showering praise on Congress’ rival party BJP which is now the primary force behind the Modi-led NDA government.

The two-time MP from Thiruvananthapuram incensed his party by saying he was “honoured” to be among nine prominent Indians tagged by the Prime Minister when he launched his five-year Clean India campaign on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. A Congress publication in Kerala last week tore into Mr Tharoor for writing “love songs” for PM Modi and compared him to “Siberian migratory birds who come looking for optimum climate.”

As news broke in, Tharoor released a press notice while gracefully accepting the decision of the Party President. While Tharoor says that he is in politics to serve people through the service of Congress party but he also mentions that he would have welcomed the opportunity to respond to the claims made by the Kerala Congress party.

For now Tharoor states that the matter is closed without further comments. But Twitter is already on with its commentary on the decision. Twitter’s funny bone is all charged up with the hashtag #TharoorSacked tops Twitter India trends.

Listed below is a set of curated tweets just right to make up for a hilarious Monday: