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Engineers Created Carbon-Negative Cement, Which Results in 8% of Global Carbon Emissions

Cement is the second most widely used material on Earth, but its industry accounts for about 8% of the…

Jimmy Aki
May 9, 2023

Searching For Major Chinese Cities On Twitter Shows Porn – A Movement Or A Distraction?

Searching Twitter for the heated China-wide Covid-19-related protests currently returns a barrage of spam, phishing, gambling, and porn. This…

Ilija Miljkovac
November 29, 2022

Stock Market Crash – Will Bitcoin Crash Again?

Stock market crash – and crypto watchers will be wondering, will bitcoin crash again? Equities are putting in their…

Gary McFarlane
May 19, 2022

India Cuts Off Its Nose to Spite Its Face Over Cryptocurrency

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) entered uncharted waters by dealing a ban on cryptocurrencies which has caused outrage…

Connor Brooke
April 20, 2018
World News

Social Credibility or Social Control? China Plans to Rate Every Citizen by 2020.

In 2014, China issued a national reputation system that requires monitoring the behavior of its population. By using both…

Connor Brooke
April 10, 2018
World News

Theresa May: “That’s What I’m in This For”… A Professional is at Her Best Regardless

Theresa May’s conference speech this week certainly caused a stir with the pundits having plenty to say about it:…

Connor Brooke
October 14, 2017
World News

The EU’s “Roam Like At Home” Impact [EU News]

As of June 15, 2017, the EU’s rules have changed – they removed the extra roaming surcharge to mobile…

Jay Leonard
October 9, 2017
World News

Social Opinion Data Shows Drop in Negativity to Brexit

Opinion mining social analysis indicates decline in criticism of the UK’s move to leave the EU Using a unique…

Connor Brooke
April 14, 2017
World News

Apple’s iPhone Sales Fell By 21% In China

According to a new report by Counterpoint Research, iPhone has lost its title as the top-selling phone in China…

James Spillane
January 31, 2017
World News

What Law is Going to Catch You With Your Pants Down? (or Why You NOW Need to Understand GDPR as an EU Business)

You may have heard the term GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and if not you certainly will. As we…

Jay Leonard
January 31, 2017
World News

The Poorest Countries in the World [Rankings]

While many people in the U.S. worry about waiting in line too long for coffee or whether the car…

Alan Draper
October 25, 2016
World News

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