During the global pandemic, the organizations have struggled to keep the employees engaged and it’s even more challenging to keep track of the employees. However, with the availability of technology, various apps help improve employee productivity and track time. So, if you are ready to check out the details, let’s have a look at the top five employee productivity and time-tracking apps!

1. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is the powerful yet extremely simple online time clock software that’s suitable for administrators as well as employees. This software is easy to access through web browsers. There is an extensive range of features available, ranging from time off requests to time tracking and payrolls. It allows the workers to set the clocks and achieve the work time targets.

When it comes down to the administrators, Buddy Punch is a great option since it allows them to allocate specific QR codes to every employee and keep an eye on their activities. It comes with a free trial but has three different payment plans available, so you can choose one according to your needs!

2. ProofHub

To begin with, this is the online time tracking and project management app with an extensive range of features, along with collaboration techniques. The interface is extremely easy to use which helps manage the team and welcome them onboard. ProofHub is integrated with an automatic timer, so you can trace the billable hours whenever the employees are performing the duties. In addition, you have to choose to make manual entries.

There are timesheets available to ensure the time-related data is stored properly (it’s suitable for streamlined invoicing). ProofHub offers time reports which allow the users to keep track of the productivity of every employee. It can be integrated with third-party apps for extending functionality and practicality. In addition, there are advanced features available, such as group chat, online proofing, workflows, file sharing, note-taking, and Kanban boards.

This app is a perfect solution for managers and teams who want to improve productivity and track the efforts related to productivity. What we love about this app is that it has high-end project management features, customized reports, and collaboration tools. ProofHub is available for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

3. DeskTime

When it comes down to work, keeping track of time is essential and DeskTime is a great app with simple usability. It has three features, such as productivity analysis, project management, and employee monitoring. This is the productivity tracking software that’s designed to help the teams and managers identify unproductive actions by categorizing the apps and webpages in unproductive and productive categories.

It is perfect for tracking time but it is suitable for automating the daily efficiency and productivity calculation based on the programs, apps, and URLs. It means that utilizing DeskTime will improve the daily productivity levels. The URLs’ unproductivity and productivity depend on the position of the employee. That being said, the users can develop employee groups that help manage the productivity of the application.

For instance, Facebook might be an unproductive app for HR employees while it’s considered a productive app for marketing teams, so it depends on the employees and their department. DeskTime is a perfect app for teams and companies that are interested in a long-term image instead of an in-depth analysis of programs and URLs. To illustrate, the companies can set the productivity target and see if your team/employees can hit the productivity target.

With DeskTime, there are various features, such as shift scheduling, automatic screenshots, productivity timeline, in-depth downloadable reports, invoicing, and calendar of absence. It is available for Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS. There is a free app available but there are three premium plans available, depending on the desired features.

4. Hours

Hours, what a fitting name for the time tracking and productivity app! To illustrate, this is the time clock app that’s integrated with time tracking features and is perfect for people who want average features. It is available for mobile phone users and you can set different timers at once. In addition, the users can always switch between different tasks. What we love about this app is that users can categorize the tasks through color-coding.

For instance, you can allocate a specific color to a specific project or task for easier differentiation. There is a timeline feature that allows the users to make adjustments in the timestamps. For the most part, it is suitable for people who want to track time and create reports for sending them out. On top of everything, it can be used with the Apple Watch, hence easier monitoring from your wrist. It is available for iOS users and web platforms (yup, it’s not for Android users). However, this app is not available for free but you can choose between annual and monthly subscriptions.

5. TimeCamp

To begin with, this is a cloud-based solution with a time tracking foundation. The users can track the time manually by setting timers or choose the desktop app for automatic tracking. Timecamp allows the project managers to track the work hours, collaborate, and keep an eye on the status of the project. It is perfect for creating automated payrolls and sending out invoices to customers. Moreover, it can be perceived as a productivity monitoring solution.

This is because it helps check if the employees are productive (as much as you want them to be). The competitive edge of this app is that there are multiple integrations available with other apps. For instance, there are fifty integrations available with project management apps and help desk apps. That being said, you can synchronize the tickets and tasks and import them. As a result, tracking the time will become a task of the left hand.

Timecamp is a perfect tool for organizations and managers who want access to a well-integrated billing and time tracker app. In addition, it works as the productivity tracking software which connects different project management tools. Consequently, the organizations can analyze the daily productivity, design and store the invoices, and get on-time notifications when the clients check the invoice. It is available for Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS.