Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year of upheaval and adjustment, and that includes trying to successfully adapt to working from home. For many, myself included, there have been times where it’s been difficult to focus and stay productive and challenging to make the new work-from-home routine feel comfortable.

With the introduction of vaccines for COVID-19 giving us a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s still not clear exactly how long the tunnel is. With this in mind, it’s wise to double down on your work-from-home resolve and put some fresh practices in place. At least a few of the following remote-work survival hacks should help bring more calm and focus to your workday and your life as you continue to work from home in 2021.

Set Up a Separate Workspace

Not everyone has a spare room they can turn into an office, but you can still create some boundaries by setting up a desk anywhere you have a little extra space – be it a corner of a room or the end of a hallway. Doing this sets instant space boundaries: When you’re at your desk, you’re working. When you’re not, you’re off the clock.

Commit to Personal Growth

It’s easy to compare your life to the lives of others and feel competitive, and this may cause unneeded stress. Instead, commit to spending 10 minutes a day on personal growth. This can be anything from beginning a meditation practice, to learning a new language, to a push-up or plank challenge. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s for you!

Don’t Work on Your Days Off

When you’re off the clock, it’s crucial to stay off the clock. In order to create healthy boundaries with work, you need to commit to not checking your email, or doing anything work-related when it’s the weekend or if you’re on vacation.

Give Gratitude Daily

2020 has been a tough year for many of us both personally and professionally, making staying positive challenging. Take a few minutes of your day to identify what and who you are grateful for in the various facets of your life – work, home, family, friendships, community, and more.

Set Your Hours

Set your work hours—and stick with them. Not only does this create boundaries with work so you’re not communicating with your boss and coworkers at all hours of the night, but it’s critical to getting your work done at home. Ensure your significant other, family, or roommate is clear about your work hours so they know not to disturb you when you’re working, allowing you to stay productive.

Keep Your Commute

Working from home means you get to avoid sitting in morning rush-hour traffic. But, it may be beneficial to act like you’re still doing that daily drive. Instead of starting to work when you’d normally be heading out the door, use that commute time to do something you love. Read, go for a walk, make yourself a coffee – whatever makes you happy.

Make Work More Mindful

You may already practice mindfulness in your personal life, but bringing it into the workplace may be more important than ever since we aren’t physically present with one another. Start every meeting with a quick check-in by going around and have everyone answer how present they are feeling on a scale of 0 to 10.