Working from home, which for many is the dream is now enforced worldwide. The shock of Covid-19 lockdown and new measures that restrict travel and trade have forced many of you to work from home. Although you lack the collaboration offered by working in an office, it is still possible to be productive even when confined to your home. This becomes especially important if you have suddenly found that you have to try and coordinate teams over Skype and Zoom.

Additionally, if you cannot perform all your duties without being in the office, there are other ways to keep you and your teams busy.

Let’s take a look at what these are.

Upgrade Skills

Once you’ve done all you can work-wise now is the time to upgrade your skillset. There are several good online resources to do this, including free courses offered by LinkedIn. As a diligent manager, you have ideas on how individual team members can improve their skills and using resources like those offered on the Open University could see your teams better qualified than before the pandemic.

Don’t forget to find time to hone your skills, too. After all, actions speak louder than words!

Define your Working Hours

There is no escaping the fact that working has changed so as a leader, it is important to define working hours for you and your team. This will give your team a sense of what is expected of them during this time. It will also help you prioritise what needs to be done, and you can set aside time for training and upgrading skills.

It is a good idea to hold regular Skype or Zoom meetings to discuss not just working issues but working from home issues. Through discussing these issues, you and your teams may find solutions to make the situation easier and more productive. What works very well with my team is our morning inspiration, prepared by a different team member each day. It is amazing how much effort people put into finding something which might be helpful for others.

Identify the Tasks you and Your Team can do

Although the disruption is horrible, you and your team may find you can work on aspects such as long term projects and goals that would have taken a back burner if things were normal. If you find that some of the team have more time on their hands than others, assign them tasks such as reviewing branding strategy and conducting data analytic research. These things are important but take a back seat to the day to day running of the office.

Ensure your Teams Exercise

Most countries allow people out of their homes for an hour a day to exercise. If you can, ensure you leverage this time to get much-needed air and if you have a family, to let your family let off some steam. As a leader, it is important to ensure your team are doing everything they can to exercise and get this much needed hour outside too.