During times of crisis, working together and supporting each other through the hardships enables a firm to survive the major crash in the market for industries. This time of COVID-19 is critical for everyone including employees and firms. These times call for measures that are important for the survival of both employees and firms.

Ways to Enhance Employee Productivity and Performance

Support the Employee’s Needs: Supporting employees at times of crisis is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship between the management and employees of a firm. By understanding properly the needs through employee engagement software, firms can cater to the required needs and get their work done by coinciding with the employees.

Using certain methods such as employee engagement survey software can help firms of all sizes to connect with their employees and get a better understanding of their current situation at this time of crisis. Capabilities such as sentiment analysis, action management, live alert, etc. help gauge employee satisfaction levels.

Keep Employees Informed: Employees and management require having transparency for work to be done smoothly from a distance. Keeping in mind that due to circumstances, employees are kept at a distance and are unaware of the happenings in the firm, employers need to keep employees informed of the on-goings of the firm. Any new decision taken by the firm should be informed to the employees for maintaining their trust in the decision and management of the firm.

The EX Software tracks the management actions and records employee’s satisfaction from these actions. It allows employees surveys and reviews of management decisions and reactions towards the promoter.

Building Understanding: A certain understanding between management and employees is required to maintain a healthy balance between work and the crisis in hand.

Employee Experience Management platform analyses the critical importance of a company’s employees. Employees deal directly with external customers and this helps monitor employee engagement, which improves customer experiences.

Empowering employees’ experiences with personal and professional development proves to be much more effective than simple human resource management.

Proper Management Leaders: Management leaders are the guiding light and the support for employees during the crisis time. The proper management leader can guide themselves as well as the confused employees, given the proper management resources. Having a confident management leader increases the confidence and work ethics of employees for a better outcome.

Management leaders need to connect to the employees, listen to their problems, and come up with solutions that benefit both the employees and the firm. Leaders are required to keep calm and provide for answers and guidance to get work done.

Leaders should be able to provide training when needed and communicate key messages and respond to questions and concerns from employees. They should be prepared for all situations and be able to handle mishaps calmly.

Set Flexible Goals or Targets: While setting goals and targets for employees during this time, management needs to consider the working limitations of employees. Due to all the social restrictions, employees are at a downside of not being able to work at their full potential. Considering all possibilities, management should set flexible targets for employees which motivates them to achieve their targets staying within the social norms.

Goals should be such which do not pressurize employees to work over their capabilities. Many employees are facing a different day-to-day setting which makes it harder for them to work.

Trust employees to get their work done, even if it doesn’t fall under the standard workday. Keep things open and be clear of the desired goals.

Show Gratitude Towards The Work: Gratitude for the work of the employees is important because even in times of crisis, employees are continuing work for upholding the firm. Working at troubled times, and harder working ambiance earns a form of gratitude for the efforts.

Showing and receiving gratitude builds trust among management and employees, which brings positivity in the working ambiance and uplifts the spirits of the people. It is important for better work ethics and a better outcome that the work ambiance stays positive during these times.

Acknowledging the employees of their importance to the company builds gratitude and ensuring their safety and well-being build trust.


Enhancing employee productivity and performance in times of need is important for the stability of the firm. The employees and management are required to work together towards a common goal i.e. the benefit of the firm.