You Have Been Conditioned To Be Mediocre

Your belief systems are the result of early conditioning. The educational system in America is responsible for suppressing the flames of entrepreneurship as soon as we enter public school. Our educational systems has taught you to avoid any activity where there is a potential for failure. As a result, you have been conditioned to be mediocre.

As babies, when we learn to walk our first attempts, end in failure. With the encouragement of our parents, we were urged to try over and over again until finally, we manage a single step before crashing to the floor. After a few more attempts we string together 2 steps then 3 and so on until we master walking. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” right. Then we go to school and are told that failure is bad. When we fail we are conditioned to feel bad and over time we learn to avoid conditions and situations where we might fail.

As adults, most people never try their hand at entrepreneurship because they do not believe it is possible to succeed. They choose to dwell on the small business failure rates as justification for their inactions. Occasionally, some might make a halfhearted attempt at a side hustle and when they experience their first failure they abandon it quickly and settle back into a life of mediocrity. They use the failure of their experience as a reinforcement of their belief system. It has been said that, “Beliefs drive our behaviors and that our behaviors lead to our results.” Beliefs are the cause, behaviors the effect, and success is the predictable result.

Successful entrepreneurs know their behaviors are driven by their beliefs and that it is their behaviors that allow them to succeed.

Entrepreneurs approach each day with passion, purpose, and excitement, knowing that opportunities are unlimited. This mentality sets off a firestorm of events that lead them to bigger and better opportunities. They walk through life thinking they have the world by the balls and can create their own future that leads to behaviors that support their beliefs and motivates them to take actions that generate results.

“Abundance attracts abundance” the same as “scarcity attracts more scarcity”. As saying goes,

“If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you’re right”.

Mary Kay Ash

If you are afraid of risk failure you will never act. If you believe you will be successful in business your operating with an abundance mentally and you are on your way to being successful.

All of us have everything we need to be successful in whatever we choose, but most people do not know it. Successful entrepreneurs do, that is why they are successful. Being successful is not rocket science. It all starts with what you believe.

Are your belief systems preventing you from being successful?

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