Starting a business can be a rewarding experience, both financially and personally. The challenge of cultivating a successful company can be motivating in and of itself, though various pitfalls will eventually get in your way. Operating a business in today’s digitally-driven climate means embracing all the tools available to you. Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a start-up or a seasoned business professional looking to transition to the web, there is a litany of ways to save both time and money. Today, we are going to outline three simple business hacks that will help you save both time and money!

Business Hack #1 — Use An Online Document Signing Platform

If you are operating a business in 2020, the odds are good that you are going to be exchanging contracts over the internet. There used to be a time when signing contracts was to be performed in person or via a fax machine. Nowadays, all you need is an online document signing platform like ApproveMe to handle your signed document exchanges. There are a variety of benefits that can manifest from a digital document signing platform, so let’s expound on at least a few of them below.

  1. Secure Document Exchange — First and foremost, platforms like ApproveMe are so effective because they are compliant with the strictest document signing policies in both the United States European Union. WP ESign is compliant with UETA, ESIGN, and GDPR regulations. When it comes time to exchange contracts, it can help to know that you are completely protected. This is beneficial to both your business and the clients that you will be working with.
  2. Sign Documents Without Delay — When it comes time to get a contract signed, freelancers and business owners alike do not want to have to wait. When time is money, working without delay should be your priority. With a platform like ApproveMe or DocuSign, business owners will be able to quickly and efficiently sign and trade documents with clients and contractors. ApproveMe can also utilize in-person contract signatures via its mobile application. There will never be a time when you have to scrounge for paper or hope for a scanner and fax machine.
  3. Deep User Customization — The final major benefit of turning to an online document signing platform like ApproveMe is the wealth of customization features available. From unlimited documents and custom fields to two-factor verification and tamper-resistant technology, business owners will have absolute control over the style, safety, and security of their documents.
  4. Complete WordPress Compatibility — As one of the most dominant web building platforms on the internet, WordPress compatibility is almost a requirement for modern business tools. ApproveMe’s WPESign plugin allows businesses to automate ToS agreements, NDA’s, and other legal documents through a cohesive and effective plugin.

Business Hack #2 — Automate Your Social Media Presence

Since social media first began its rise to the public mainstream in 2004, businesses everywhere have been trying to keep up. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all offer business owners the ability to directly connect with potential clients and customers in a personal way. The best brands in the world will all lean on their social media presence to build sales. Unfortunately, working with social media can be an exhausting and time-consuming task. In order to maximize your social media outreach while minimizing your time and monetary investments, consider utilizing the following tools.

  1. Use Hootsuite to Manage Social Media AccountsHootsuite is one of the top social media management tools on the internet. The platform is used by more than 15 million people around the world as a comprehensive tool to automate social media management. Hootsuite allows users to manage all of their social media accounts from one hub while tracking various analytics. What’s more, Hootsuite even offers timed content releases through the platform. With a convenient mobile app and a comprehensive UI, business owners everywhere should take notice.
  2. Try ContentCal for Coordinating PostsContentCal isn’t your traditional social media management tool. Instead of simply offering you the ability to cross-post content to various platforms, ContentCal allows you and your team to curate better ideas through collaborative tools. Start the planning process by pinning ideas to your personal pinboard. After working through your concepts with your team in a live environment, simply pin the final content to your calendar for approval and post scheduling.
  3. Transfer Vital Passwords With LastPass — Working on the internet means navigating from one account to the next. When you have several members on your team, sharing passwords becomes a vital part of the collaborative process. LastPass is an all-in-one password manager that allows businesses to share login credentials without actually exposing private details. Installed in your internet browser, LastPass is a vital plugin for entrepreneurs working in the digital space.

Business Hack #3 — Increase Efficiency With Online Project Management Tools

As any entrepreneur knows, the best ideas are built with the backing of a strong team. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to collaborate instantly with colleagues from every corner of the planet. In order to make your online collaborative effort easy and efficient, consider turning to a tool like Trello or Asana. These are free-to-use tools that incorporate pinboards, lists, and customizable cards to organize and prioritize your projects. Here are a few other reasons why your business needs to invest in an account.

  1. Visual To-Do Lists Increase Efficiency — If you are the type of person that likes to make lists, tools like this are going to be the perfect tool for you. Trello’s post-it note style allows for team members to quickly delegate tasks in a visually effective way. It also allows you to check off completed lists before ‘archiving’ them for later review if needed.
  2. Ultimate Collaborative Environment — These tools offer users a depth of customization that few online project management tools can mimic. With the click of a button, you and your team can share images, videos, and other important project elements from the confines of your private board. With a wealth of customization options available, there is no end to what you can accomplish.
  3. Boosted Productivity With Multi-Platform Functionality — Finally, this offers you the ability to boost productivity within your business or collaborative project. There are automated deadlines, reminder alerts, and notifications when adjustments are made by other members of your team. Trello has the added bonus of being compatible with both Windows and iOS devices.