Construction project management is not an easy task. To efficiently organize a job, you must ensure quality, have teams on the same page, maintain a perfect work environment, and stay within budget. Fortunately, there are a variety of applications or construction project management software that can help streamline all of these processes for you.

A construction project management software helps streamline the project management process and makes general contractors and their teams more efficient and effective throughout a construction project. 

If you’re ready to buy construction project management software but are confused as to which of the hundreds of tools in the market would be the best fit for you, our review of the top 10 construction management software of 2022 is what you need! 

We looked into dozens of different construction management software programs and rated them based on reviews, pricing, and features designed specifically for construction companies and contractors. Let’s get started!

Our Pick For The Best Construction Project Management Software 2022: Buildertrend

Buildertrend is easily the best cloud-based construction project management software for remodelers, homebuilders, and specialty contractors.

Here are the standout features of Buildertrend:

  • Buildertrend includes scheduling, which allows you to make changes on the job and directly notify stakeholders of schedule changes.
  • The software assists with payment processing from estimates, change orders, or customer selection sheets.
  • Builders can update their jobs in real-time since Buildertrend is cloud-based and accessible from multiple devices.
  • Buildertrend allows you to create to-do lists for yourself, subcontractors, employees, and client reminders.
  • It also includes an automation feature for tracking warranty claims.
  • Lastly, it offers free online tutorials and 24×7 support, and that too, in multiple time zones.

Best Construction Project Management Software: Top 10 for 2022

Here’s a quick rundown of our top 10 picks for the best construction management software 2022:

  1. Buildertrend: Best Construction Project Management Software For Home Builders
  2. Redteam: Best Construction Project Management Software For Small Businesses
  3. Jonas Construction: Best Construction Accounting Software For Enterprise Customers
  4. Sage 100 Contractor: Best On-Premise Solution
  5. Stack: Best Free Construction Project Management Software
  6. Procore: Best Construction Project Management Software For Flexibility and Collaboration
  7. CoConstruct: Best Construction Project Management Software For Remodelers
  8. Fieldwire: Best Construction Project Management Software For Designers and Architects
  9. PlanGrid Build: Best Construction Project Management Software For Specialty Trade Subcontractors
  10. eSUB: Best Construction Project Management Software For Documentation

Best Construction Project Management Software: Reviewed

Here’s our detailed review of the best construction project management software for 2022:

1. Buildertrend: Best Construction Project Management Software For Home Builders

Buildertrend is a cutting-edge cloud-based management software that has already established itself as one of the most widely used building project management tools. The company provides excellent customer service and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

This tool is perfect for all types and sizes of remodelers, home builders, commercial developers, and specialty contractors. Buildertrend’s unique product suite includes bidding, project management, estimating, field service, etc.


Best Features 

Here is what we love about Buildertrend: 

  • Efficient Invoice Changes: Integrate with Xero and QuickBooks to generate line-item bills and invoices from change orders, estimates, or customer selection sheets, keeping bookkeeping tasks in one centralized hub.
  • Simple Time Tracking: Manage time for office workers and field teams with a time clock that allows employees to clock in and out from the mobile app, ensuring that users always know how many hours each employee has accrued at any given time.
  • Messaging: Buildertrend has two methods for sending messages. The first is a “messages” feature similar to email, and the second is “comments,” which is more like instant messaging. The software also records these messages and attaches them to the right jobs. 
  • Owner’s View: The “owner view” feature allows your client to visit your website, log in, and view a limited view of the job you have done via the software. This will enable you to share job-related photos and change orders.


Buildertrend provides free product demos that you can schedule with a live representative and a 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers testing the product. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Core: It begins at $99 per month and includes key project management features such as daily logs, scheduling, to-do lists, a client portal, communication tools, and select integrations. 
  • Pro: The pricing for the Pro plan begins at $399 per month and includes all of the functionality of the Core plan plus features for warranties, bids, surveys, change orders, and much more.


  • Offers a full suite of products 
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • Easy workflow management
  • User-friendly interface
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Estimation functionality requires improvement

2. RedTeam: Best Construction Project Management Software For Small Businesses

RedTeam is a complete end-to-end construction management software solution that handles every aspect of a construction project, from bidding to job site management. It is a cloud-based application designed by contractors to manage the stages of construction, pre-construction, and project closeout.

The program can help reduce risks, foster consistency, break down communication barriers, and capture the entire story throughout the construction cycle. What’s more, RedTeam also provides mobile field management applications for commercial contractors and subcontractors, meaning your team will have access to more management anywhere, at any time.


Best Features 

Here is what we love about RedTeam:

  • Sales Tools: RedTeam is one of the few construction management platforms that provide sales and marketing tools. It will display a list with all the details such as the customer, status, estimated value, and rating.
  • Quotes: Choose cost codes to build your cost estimation model. Add markups for pass-through costs like insurance or bond premiums and price markups for overhead costs and fees.
  • Field Reporting: You will be able to do real-time project reporting and tracking with the help of RedTeam’s app, FieldShare. You can also use the app to share photos and make observations, and employees can use it to track their time. 
  • Scheduling: RedTeam project management employs Gantt scheduling like Microsoft Project, allowing you to export and import files. The software provides an excellent visual representation of tasks and their planned completion compared to their current progress.
  • Estimating: RedTeam’s estimating feature centralizes your bidding and set-up quoting. You can request a quote through the software, and clients can respond directly and upload documentation.


RedTeam Software has a starting price of $4,200 per year. The pricing model is either annual unlimited or per user, not to mention that RedTeam is also available for a free trial.


  • Mobile app
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support
  • Offers training tutorials
  • Eliminates redundancy and duplication


  • No monthly packages are available

3. Jonas Construction: Best Construction Accounting Software for Enterprise Customers

With over 25 years of industry experience, Jonas Construction is a renowned user-friendly, integrated solution for contractors. Jonas Enterprise Service & Construction Software will assist you in managing your company and profitability by organizing the administrative side of your business, allowing you to focus on job management and customer service. It’s ideal for mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, general and electrical, and specialty trade contractors.

Jonas Construction

Best Features

Here is what we love about Jonas Construction:

  • Payroll: The American payroll system is highly flexible, allowing you to handle virtually any payroll situation, including certified payroll, unionized payroll, and apprentice work. Employees and contractors can also benefit from multi-direct deposit/check features.
  • Complete Audit Trails: Provides users with detailed insight into their financial transactions to analyze potential irregularities. You can also use the general ledger to record and summarize financial information. 
  • Auto-renewals: Create service contracts at predefined intervals. You can also create reports and conduct research for upcoming contracts and then use these reports to identify the equipment that requires servicing to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Granular Reporting: Tracks job levels and financials integrated into the supplier code. Jonas Construction also allows users to drill down into financial details to generate consolidated reports for all companies, providing complete financial reporting and management using templates.


Jonas Construction’s plans include:

  • Implementation Fee: This starts at $30,000 and includes six weeks of one-on-one training, a designated account manager, unlimited group support and training, and unlimited document storage.
  • Monthly: $249/month per concurrent user with a month-to-month commitment.
  • Annually: $199/month for concurrent users with an annual commitment.


  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Streamline office-field workflows
  • Manage finances
  • Excellent job cost reporting features


  • Poor customer service

4. Sage 100 Contractor: Best On-Premise Solution

Sage 100 Contractor, formerly Sage Master Builder, is perfect for small to mid-sized construction firms such as service or specialty contractors, general contractors, and home builders. Sage 100 Contractor integrates all construction and service management phases into a single, simple-to-use solution.

This cloud-based construction management and accounting software enables you to manage projects, estimate service operations, and accounting workflows all in one site. Job costing, budget management, scheduling, service management, and equipment tracking are among some of its many features. Decision-makers can gain access to the larger picture of the business landscape and better manage operations. 

Sage 100 Contractor

Best Features

Here is what we love about Sage 100 Contractors:

  • Job Pricing: This feature is integrated with all Sage 100 Contractor modules and makes it simple to organize and track your job cost data. The software generates comprehensive cost reports, including job status, job cost summaries, job cost journals, labor totals, and billing summaries.
  • Budgeting and Estimating: Sage 100 Contractor makes it simple to manage your budget and bids. It allows you to export budgets, subcontracts, estimates, and purchase orders, saving you time and reducing the possibility of data entry errors. You can also estimate budgeted hours and copy a budget directly from Excel.
  • Report Writer Wizard: The Report Writer Wizard gives you the tools you need to create customized reports in any field tracked by the system. You can modify some of the system’s existing reports or create entirely new reports based on your requirements.
  • Inventory Tracking: Sage can help you keep track of your inventory, whether it’s for a central warehouse or multiple locations and service trucks. You can also use the platform to organize non-stock and serialized items for bin numbers, multiple locations, and vendors.
  • Dashboards: Sage dashboards provide real-time access to data. Pay close attention to items highlighted in red to identify and resolve financial issues. This software also allows you to give selected employees access to the dashboard to keep accounting records private.


Sage hasn’t published its prices on its website, so you have to contact its sales team to obtain a custom quote.


  • Real-time updates
  • Increased business visibility 
  • Centralized data
  • Inventory tracking and reduces errors
  • Secure and stable


  • Takes time to set up and learn

5. Stack: Best Free Construction Project Management Software

Stack is one of the most widely used takeoff software applications on the market. It is a perfect solution for all major construction trades, including general contractors, home builders, concrete contractors, interior finishers, landscape specialists, roofers, masons, and others.

Stack provides a centralized hub where teams can collaborate to improve project efficiencies and drive revenue growth. It simplifies everything from streamlined plan viewing and real-time team collaboration to estimating, lightning-fast takeoff, and robust project reporting. The solution is cloud-based, offers unlimited training and support, and is compatible with PC and Mac.


Best Features 

Here is what we love about Stack:

  • Document, Spec, and Plan Management: Securely organize project plans, specs, and other documents into a centralized hub. Stack provides a pretty simple searching tool, speeding up the sorting process, allowing teams to find details quickly.
  • Auto-counting Software: Stack’s auto-count tool provides a precise count and a comprehensive view of everything required for the project; it lists all the needed materials, including their quality and quantity. 
  • Cloud-Based Material and Quantity Takeoff: Stack uses the cloud to allow users to eliminate paper and manual calculation methods, reducing downtime. Users can eliminate errors and win new work by using tools such as takeoff templates, AutoCount, and pre-built materials.
  • Estimation of Costs and Detailed Proposals: Quickly respond to bids and generate accurate estimates. You can also create appealing proposals with your company information.
  • Real-time Connectivity and Collaboration: Teams can access details, project plans, and reports from any location. Furthermore, the invitation and sharing feature help maintain communication.


Stack’s subscription tiers are billed on a ‘per-user’ and annual basis. 

  • Free Version: It allows two projects per account and provides access to each project for seven days.
  • Start Tier($1999/ year): This tier provides complete access to all features for one full-access user and two view-only users. 
  • Grow Tier($4999/year): This tier is for groups of three full-access users and six view-only users. 
  • Build Tier: The Build tier is customizable and reserved for four or more full-access users and seven or more view-only users.


  • User-friendly interference 
  • Highly efficient
  • Wide range of tools
  • Live online training 
  • Offers free trial 


  • Expensive annual renewal cost

6. Procore: Best Construction Project Management Software For Flexibility and Collaboration

Procore is a popular, feature-rich, and comprehensive construction project management software solution. Its customer service is excellent, as evidenced by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and numerous positive online reviews. While it is undoubtedly pricey, the software has plenty of features and excellent customer support to validate its price.

Procore, intended for projects of all sizes, aims to track finances, streamline communication and resources, and manage projects from planning to completion. It also enables construction companies, architects, contractors, and engineers to edit designs, share data in the field, and provide up-to-date project reports.


Best Features 

Here is what we love about Procore:

  • Project Management: To help manage RFIs, Procore automatically sends overdue reminders to clients via email and includes specifications, photos, plans, and PDFs. Also, it allows employees to log project time away from the office using a web or mobile app, not to mention that you can use it to organize your activities by day, week, or month. 
  • Quality and Safety Standards: It provides incident management tools to reduce risks. By identifying trends and combing through data, you can get to the bottom of problems — access near-miss and injury records to identify unsafe patterns on job sites. 
  • Document Management: Procore provides unlimited cloud storage. You can track individual files and folders, and you will receive an email whenever they are deleted or updated.
  • Project Financials: With Procore, organizations can handle correct budgets based on dependable data from the site. Furthermore, companies can see how their budget decisions influence the profit at closeout by utilizing detailed financial reports. 
  • Data Security: AES-256-bit encryption secures data storage. It tracks users, performs backups, and allows teams to edit, view, and upload electronic documents.


Procore offers a single annual license that grants access to an unlimited number of users. You cannot simplify Procore’s pricing to a one-size-fits-all model: pricing can change depending on the tasks and volume of business you conduct through Procore.

Also, other products or additional modules you include in your package will cost extra; those interested may contact the sales team directly for a quote. Note that the sales team can also schedule a quick walkthrough of the platform for those that request a demo.


  • Enhance collaboration
  • Cloud access and backup 
  • Flexible
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Offers mobile collaboration tools


  • It is challenging to navigate

7. CoConstruct: Best Construction Project Management Software For Remodelers 

CoConstruct is a one-of-a-kind custom builder and remodeler software. It is a cloud-based application that works on both Windows and Mac computers. It enables users to enter data and flow through the estimate, selections, specifications, proposals, bids, change orders, and budgets, including to and from QuickBooks.

CoConstruct also has a mobile app that you can use to communicate with team members, track time, and assign tasks. Both iOS and Android versions of the app are available. CoConstruct’s interface is sleek and modern, and it is designed to maximize efficiency and save users time by identifying areas where you can integrate data and information across functions.


Best Features

Here is what we love about CoConstruct:

  • Timesheet Management: CoConstruct displays all of your employees’ information, including who is clocked in, where, and what they are working on. Workers will be able to clock in and out via an app, making things easier.
  • Cost Control: Maintain accurate project budgets by tracking prices against actual project accounts. The software transmits verified work to QuickBooks right away to create bills, easing the burden on accounting staff, not to mention that it can also create complete PO items from estimates.
  • Budgeting and Planning: Real-time data from accounts are used to update project costs. You can share budgets with customers without the need for cost spreadsheets. Such budgets will be automatically updated as clients make decisions.
  • Schedule Coordination: Combine with iCal to access calendar data from Outlook, Google, macOS/iOS, or Yahoo. You can also change the schedules by dragging and dropping or simply typing. CoConstruct is also capable of sending texts, email reminders, or alerts to teams.


CoConstruct has tiered pricing with three levels, including:

  • Standard: It costs $99 per month and allows unlimited projects with technical support and personal coaching.
  • Plus: It costs $399 per month and tags along everything included in the standard plan plus advanced estimating, bill management, and client portal.


  • Improve customer relations
  • Better financial organization
  • Streamlined document management
  • Boost time management
  • Track job site activity


  • Challenging to load on mobile devices

8. Fieldwire: Best Construction Project Management Software For Designers and Architects

Fieldwire is a construction industry-specific end-to-end jobsite software solution. It connects the entire project team — from the subcontractor’s foremen to the general contractor’s project manager — with its intuitive mobile application, enabling efficient and real-time information sharing. 

What’s more, it keeps track of all aspects of construction projects while allowing contractors to coordinate efficiently and visualize critical paths. It’s also simple to use and works with or without an internet connection. Lastly, it includes a comprehensive set of features aimed at streamlining field projects.


Best Features 

Here is what we love about Fieldwire:

  • Plan Viewing: You can share, edit, and view drawings in real-time. Also, you can automatically sync data and work offline using the floor plan app. It uses blueprint management modules, imports heavy construction drawings, uploads blueprints as PDFs, or directly syncs data with OneDrive or Dropbox.
  • As-Built Drawings: Handle as-built drawings in the field with ease. Fieldwire uses mark-up tools to manage as-built documentation. It automatically attaches files and photos to drawings to keep project teams up to date and transfer tasks and markups to new sheets.
  • Punch List: This feature allows users’ closeout processes to be more structured and faster. You can now directly assign tasks and run walkthrough processes for those in charge. The software also reports contractor flaws and location pins, attaches hashtags and checklists to blueprints, and creates templates for common errors to save time.
  • BIM Viewer: The BIM Viewer feature uses orbit and several modes to navigate through models. You can use BIM metadata to make better decisions as it adeptly measures the distance between ducts, pipes, and ceilings, among other things.


Fieldwire offers four different plans:

  • Basic: This plan is free and allows plan viewing, instant messaging, task management, file sharing, checklists, photos, three projects, and 100 sheets.
  • Pro: The Pro plan starts at $29 per user per month and comes with all the Basic plan features, plus reports, sheet compare, Revit plugin, sheet exports, unlimited sheets & projects, and email support.
  • Business: The Business plan starts at $49 per user per month and tags along all features of the Pro plan, plus 360° photos, custom forms, phone support, etc.
  • Premier: The Premier plan starts at $89 per user per month and allows business features, single sign-on, training programs, API access, a dedicated account manager, and API support.


  • Automate version control
  • Supports Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendar view
  • Task progress and status tracking 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • View your drawings on iOS and Android devices 


  • Lacks integrations with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Slack

9. PlanGrid Build: Best Construction Project Management Software For Specialty Trade Subcontractors

PlanGrid Build is construction management software that is currently used on over 500,000 projects worldwide. The company provides tools for owners and contractors in all construction verticals to effectively collaborate, manage and collect project information throughout the project’s operations lifespan and construction.

PlanGrid Build aims to boost team engagement by streamlining control and document management, giving collaborators quick access to all project data from any device. This speeds up the entire construction process and results in consistent delivery on time and within budget.


Best Features 

Here is what we love about PlanGrid Build:

  • Punch Lists: PlanGrid Build completely digitizes the punch list feature, identifying issues you must fix before completing the project. Construction managers can assign topics such as inspection notes or defects to specific locations, making it easier to keep track of problems and resolving them accordingly. 
  • Reports: Site visit reports, safety checklists, and other reporting functions are digitized and automated, reducing paperwork and saving time. PlanGrid Build can also process a PDF form or provide a fillable form.
  • Document Mark-ups: The software allows you to mark up plans with notes and photos taken on the job site, and you can include hyperlinks within the blueprints that take the user to documents such as specs or RFIs.
  • Administration Suite: You and your administration team can collaborate to keep data secure. For faster access to all administrative features, each admin has a single sign-on ID (SSO ID). You can allow document editing permissions and assign them to various individuals or team members.


PlanGrid Build offers a variety of pricing options based on your needs and the size of your business. It also provides a free trial. Pricing plans are as follows:

  • Nailgun: It costs $39 per month per user, is billed annually, and includes 550 sheets. 
  • Dozer: It costs $59 per user per year, is billed annually, and includes 5,000 sheets. 
  • Crane: It costs $119 per month per user, is billed annually, and includes unlimited sheets.


  • Improved collaboration 
  • Numerous integrations
  • User-friendly 
  • Better data turnover 
  • Offers free trial


  • Too expensive for small businesses

10. eSUB: Best Construction Project Management Software For Documentation

eSUB is a mobile application and cloud-based project management solution that assists commercial subcontractors in managing day-to-day operations across multiple trades. eSUB provides tools to connect field workers with office managers and help them with project documentation management.

It centralizes information, allowing team members to work more efficiently with the necessary data. It also provides construction firms with an integrated work environment to plan and schedule projects while keeping stakeholders informed efficiently. Lastly, your construction documents and project management activities can be made, stored, and accessed from a single location. 

esub contractor

Best Features 

Here is what we love about eSUB:

  • Corporate Management: Managers can quickly generate and analyze reports by accessing critical project data from a single location. You can email, approve, edit, or attach reminders to change order logs with a single click. Track reports, submittals, drawings, and transmittals, among other things, to assist in making data-driven decisions.
  • Correspondence Toolbox: Access legal and letter templates such as administrative forms, notices, change directives, contract documents, etc. Produce precise documentation to prevent legal disputes.
  • Document Control: Using the mobile app, you can access project reports in real-time and give selected team members permission to access the document. Also, eSUB keeps all critical files in a virtual filing cabinet to increase productivity.
  • Resource Management: Equipment and employees can be scheduled using drag-and-drop features. The software will assign resources by project requirements, employee skill levels, and tools availability. It also allows employees to view schedules in real-time to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Here are the plans offered by eSUB:

  • Field Cam: It costs $20/user/month and includes unlimited projects, contacts, photos/videos, data storage, support, field notes, project summary dashboard, and an offline mode.
  • Base: The Basic plan includes everything in the Field Cam plan, along with daily reports, crew time, time management, and a dedicated client success manager.
  • Advanced: This plan includes everything in the Base plan plus features such as change orders, submittals, RFIs, labor productivity reports, etc.
  • Premium: The Premium plan has all the features of all the above plans, plus purchase orders, equipment tracking, materials tracking, job cost reports, enterprise reporting, etc.

Note that the company recommends that you get in touch with its team that will not only provide you with a free live demo and answer all your queries but also helps you zero in on the best plan for your needs.


  • Boost employee retention 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Works with all skills levels
  • Quick risk assessment and mitigation
  • Better communication


  • New employees struggle to adapt

How To Choose A Construction Project Management Software? Factors To Consider

Construction project managers often face a hard time choosing the right software for their projects. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all software solution perfect for every project.

The ideal project management tool for your business will depend on specific factors such as your organization’s pain points, required functionalities as well as team size. For example, large enterprises should make use of an enterprise project management software as opposed to going for basic or general project management software options.

Hence, you can’t pick a construction project management software simply because it is the best. You’ll have to make a choice based on the scale of your project and its requirements.

Several factors come into play when choosing the right construction management software, and it is crucial that you pay attention to each of them. These include:

1. Ease-of-use

Firstly, one should choose a software that has been designed keeping the end-users convenience in mind. Any good construction project software would be easy to use, even for individuals who aren’t too tech-savvy. One shouldn’t have any trouble finding or sharing necessary information. This will enable project managers and stakeholders to work with the software seamlessly and benefit from all its features.

2. Simple But Systematic Interface

The app’s interface must be simple and intuitive so that you can efficiently manage your projects through seamless access to all the documentation and data. It should also offer a systematic approach to solving construction project management challenges. Else, the process can become too chaotic and inefficient, with increased chances of errors.

3. Detailed Cost Management and Accounting

Budgeting and cost management are essentially among the most critical construction project management software functions. While pretty much every software for construction project management comes with basic budgeting capabilities, you should look for a software with more robust solutions. Such a software will enable you to track all your expenses and manage your finances much better. Detailed insights can be of great help in running a project cost-efficiently.

4. Estimation

Besides helping you keep track of your current expenses, the best construction management software will also give you fairly accurate estimations. Such a software will help you plan your operations better and keep the project as profitable as possible by forecasting upcoming expenses. This way, you can also deliver high-priced bids and back them up correctly. The more detailed and accurate the estimations are, the more efficiently you can run your project.

5. Reporting

Inefficient reporting can lead to a project’s failure. This is definitely a key aspect of a construction project management software, and you’d want to get one with excellent reporting capabilities. Choose a software that provides you with detailed reports on your finances, resources, and progress. Such reports will help you better understand your project and manage it successfully. The reports should be accurate and easy to comprehend too.

6. Actionable Data Analytics

It is advisable to choose a construction project management software that goes beyond just providing you with the reports. You should also be able to draw actionable insights in the form of actionable data analytics. After all, not everyone is adept at working with raw data. 

A good software will process the data to provide you with information that you can leverage to make your project a success. Choosing a good software with plenty of data analytics would make your job much easier.

7. Collaboration

Helping project managers collaborate better is one of the most important functions of a construction project management software. With that said, collaboration capabilities are naturally a key determining factor to consider when choosing the right software for your project. 

You should definitely pick a project management software that facilitates better collaboration through seamless communication and sharing of information. Proper collaboration can significantly boost productivity and help keep costs low.

8. Customizable

As mentioned previously, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for construction project management. Construction projects scope entails both residential and commercial projects. Hence, the best construction project management software would ideally be one that offers plenty of opportunity for customization. This way, you can configure the software as per the needs of your project. It would also enable you to use the same software for multiple projects, rather than switching often.

9. Post-sales Support

This is a factor that individuals often overlook or underestimate. No matter how good the software is, it should also come with reliable post-sales support. As you start using a new software, you may face various challenges along the way. It would be hard to get your queries answered properly without adequate support. 

Moreover, no software is 100% perfect, and there is always room for improvement. When it has a responsive and reliable customer support team, you can easily share your suggestions and potentially help make the software even better.

10. Scalability

Keep in mind that your projects might grow in the future. When they do, you’ll need a software that can support them at their current scale at that time. Hence, it would be a good idea to get a highly scalable construction project management software. This would save you the cost of major upgrades or even the hassle of potentially having to switch to a new software to support the growth of your projects.

11. Task Management

Go for a construction project management software that facilitates seamless and efficient task management. After all, task management is one of the core functions of these software solutions in the first place. When you can monitor tasks from start to finish using the software, you’ll be able to manage your project far more efficiently.

12. Security

Last but not least, choose a construction project management software protected by sophisticated data security measures. One simply cannot compromise on security when choosing an app. Lack of adequate security can lead to the theft of sensitive information and potentially cause considerable losses.

Now you have a better idea of how to go about finding the best software solution to manage your projects. Pay attention to all these factors when looking for a construction project management software.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Construction Project Management Software?

Having skimmed through dozens of construction project management software and dived deep into ten of the most competent ones, we conclude that Buildertrend is the best construction project management software 2022. It seamlessly integrates with accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks to allow rapid invoice changes. Also, it has a fantastic time tracking feature, a two-fold messaging system, and an Owner View feature that allows your clients to hop on to your website and view a certain portion of the task you have completed.

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