The about page is crucial in establishing a connection with potential customers. Think about the type of online consumer you are. When you need a plumber, what happens? When you are looking for a restaurant in the area, what do you do? Same thing with a fitness place, a hardware store, or a bakery.

Chances are you probably use Google to find a local business. You quickly make your way through the highest listings, searching for which businesses are credible, and which treat their online presence like spam.

Where’s the first place you go to investigate a new business?

The Importance of the About Page

Nearly every website has one, and it’s an important factor in establishing credibility. Your potential customer wants to know:

  • Who you are and what you do.
  • That you are qualified for the job.
  • That you understand their problem and offer solutions on how to fix it.

You know, all the things you look for as a consumer yourself.

In an environment when your customers are making purchasing decisions within minutes, it is crucial that you show them that you can heal their pain and solve their problems. This makes the about page about positioning.

So instead of telling us where you went to college and what degrees you have in the first sentence, how about identifying your customers’ typical problems? What do they come to you to fix and how do you do it? This can draw your readers in and let them know you are serious.

Introducing Yourself

Once they know you can deal with their issue you can introduce yourself, and give them the details on who you are. You can tell them about your college degree, and all about the professional experience and credibility you have built up.

Give Them Something to Hook On Too

You can be both professional and informal at the same time. After you establish credibility it’s ok to get a little personal. What makes you tick? Being known as the guy who loves football or classic rock isn’t a bad thing. Being known as dad or mom doesn’t hurt.

People do business with people they like, and sharing just a little bit might be enough for a potential customer to establish a connection.

What Works for You?

Is your about page helping your business? Does it give people the information necessary to buy? What has worked for you? Let me know!