If you imagine where your business would be without the internet, you can see the power of the web. It allows you to be visible to the world without ever stepping out of your office.

But it means your website must stand-in for you when you aren’t there.

Websites have to do some very heavy lifting for businesses today.

But, if your website doesn’t consistently deliver leads or convert sales, there’s a good chance your site is like 75% of sites out there…it’s missing a critical element…

The most critical element.

Step back for a second. Your website probably does an excellent job of informing people of:

• What you sell…

• How you sell it…

• And, why you’re the best choice…

You have the what. You have the how. And, you have the why. Nailed!

What’s missing is the who.

So, who is the who?

(No, it’s not you or a rock band from the 70’s.)

The who is your customer. Your ideal customer.

Your ideal customer: the person who immediately sees value in what you offer and is willing and able to pay you what you need to sustain and grow your company.

But, you may be thinking, “Betsy, I already know my ideal customers, I don’t need help with this.”

I’m not saying you do. But…

Do you have a clear understanding of how they make buying decisions? Are you using the words they use to describe their problem and what they want instead in your content? Are you deeply tuned in to every element that makes them who they are?

To have a compelling argument on your website that motivates ideal customers enough to even consider a purchase of your wares or services, you need a clear, detailed, psychological profile of your ideal customer or customers.

Major corporations pay millions of dollars to discover this, and even they get it wrong – all the time.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Brian Tracy:

“Every entrepreneur should be intensely focused on his or her prospective customers. The ability to find a customer, sell your product or service to that customer, and satisfy the customer so that he buys from you again should be the central focus of all entrepreneurial activity. The greater clarity you have with regard to your ideal customer, the more focused and effective your marketing efforts will be.”

If you work for a small business or own one, you have total control over your marketing message without the distractions of multiple stakeholders. You can create ideal customer profiles and align your entire business around them.

This is what I help businesses do, and it works like magic!

Let me give you an example.

Brian has been in business for over 30 years and is tremendously successful. His goal for 2019 is to expand his reach, introduce some new programs, and reap a significant increase in revenue.

Subsequently, he had new website built and it had just launched when he contacted me.

Brian was aware that his website content was not unique. He had struggled for years to come up with words that would connect with his customers and get them to call his company first.

He hired copywriters but was disappointed in the outcome. He knew he needed a different type of help.

So, he signed up for my six-week program. It got him totally clear about his ideal customer and his value proposition.

 We then adjusted his home page content and just tweaked a few other pieces of content on his new site.

The results from the slight changes in content are pretty phenomenal. Here’s what Brian has to say about it:

“I can’t say enough good things about Betsy and the work she did for my company’s marketing message. Our sales and net revenue have increased by 40% this year and I attribute almost all of that increase to her work.” – Brian Hegarty

Now, Brian’s ideal customers instantly understand that his company gets them, has what they want and need, and is the best choice.

People don’t want to be sold…they want to be allowed to buy. That’s always been the job of a good salesperson and now it’s the job of a good website.

So, go ahead and take a good look at your website. Is your who there?

If you’re ready to get the kind of results that Brian is getting, add the who to your website.

I can help. Set up a quick free consultation with me using the calendar below and I’ll tell you something about your ideal customer you probably never thought about.

And we can take it from there.