With so many updates to website algorithms happening every day, how do you know who to turn to for a well-made, reliable, functional website that will inevitably produce sales for you?

Choosing the right platform is a key element to a great website. If you are looking for an ecommerce site, then factors such as the number of products you sell, updates your team has to make, etc., all will depend on which platform works for your business. Once selected, our web team can get to work on designing a homepage visual focusing on a user-friendly layout.

Every website we design is built with SEO in mind, meaning image placement, videos on the homepage, text placement, SEO written content etc all impact on how much traffic will land on the site once it has gone live. The whole point of a website is to be number 1 on the SERP to increase website traffic and therefore sales or enquires. If we built the foundations of a website for SEO purposes, once the site is live, SEO is going to work faster, and your rankings will happen quicker.

A website can no longer just be built for desktop with an element of responsive. By 2020 Google predicts that we will have 26 connected smart devices each, that is up 6 billion on 2006. If your website is not built mobile first you will lose out on traffic. Having a negative mobile experience means people are 62% less likely to make a purchase on Ecommerce sites. We build every website mobile first with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to make sure a mobile journey is quick and simple for the user. Everything on your site should be 3 clicks away. Websites taking 3 or more seconds to load will see a drop off rate of 53%. Consumers want their experience to be simple, easy and most importantly, fast.

We handle the entire website process alongside you. From design to completion, our team will guide you and update you throughout. Every website project is given a schedule to describe in detail what happens week-on-week and what is expected of both parties. Our schedules ensure deadlines are met and nothing is missed.

It is no longer enough for expanding businesses to have a web presence. You must use this platform and gain the most exposure possible to drive your business forward.