When was the last time you looked at your About Us page? If you haven’t read the content since it was first written, it could be time for an overhaul. This undervalued section is among the first three pages that consumers visit when clicking on your site. Even for those developing new websites, it can often be an afterthought.

With more emphasis placed on design and the more ‘important pages’, the About Us can fail to deliver its true purpose. As one of the key places to showcase your company and its talents, be sure to give it the attention it deserves. Here’s a guide on how to make a kick ass About Us with some unique ideas.

Try a timeline

What better way to give the user a snapshot of your company’s history than with a timeline? This can include major milestones such as key clients and expansion. It’s a useful way of presenting large quantities of information in an easy-to-view format. Vertical timelines also give the feeling of reliability and trust. Showing where you came from and how much has been achieved is guaranteed to impress your audience.

Staff member profiles

Rather than including a generic description of the company, why not include staff profiles instead? After all, the company is only as good as its people. Offering a personalised insight, these short bios can include a humorous description of each staff member with qualities, likes and dislikes. Providing a more intimate overview of the company, users should find it much easier to connect which real individuals.

Use an Infographic

Consumers have very little patience to read large quantities of text. An infographic can transform a wordy description into bitesize, manageable pieces of information. Using well-designed graphics also looks great and is more visually stimulating. For those with a lot of technical jargon, it’s one of the only ways to ensure a user reads the information through to the end.

Add multimedia

It’s no surprise that visual information is far more effective at retaining a new audience than the text alternative. Capitalise on this fact by integrating a video that tells your story. In today’s web design, it’s never been easier to implement multimedia and video. Users will be much more likely to watch it and those who view until the end will be better qualified.

Get creative

Unexpected design elements make the most impact and engage your audience. Try something unique and give your About Us an edge over the competition. From novel formatting to a bold colour combination and hand-drawn doodles, this is a great way to give a more personalised touch to an otherwise professional page. Include a short and sweet description which conveys the brand’s voice in a conversational tone and your new visitors should feel at home.

When creating an About Us page you’ll want to include the essentials – engaging content, photos and social media integration – but don’t keep it generic. Try adding one of these unique elements for an unforgettable design.