The average customer often finds different price ranges for website design cost.

And this can become overwhelming and unreliable if you’re looking to start your business. The survey conducted by Sacha Greif, a famous designer, developer, and entrepreneur, revealed a comprehensive agreement from over 200+ freelancers. Although surveys are (sort of…) often taken with a grain of salt, this survey was conducted with expert and experienced designers. People who are adept in their own fields. And they took into consideration remote and international freelancers which as you know affects website design cost and other design projects. Pricing is affected by many things but understanding how design works would give great perspective.

The Funny Thing About Making Good Designs

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Basically, design is not easy. Contrary to popular belief, good designs take work. And great designs take whole amount of time (yes, it takes a while). But the world of advertising isn’t that forgiving. Logos, for example, often take into consideration the most basic things like color, space, and shapes and how these would affect the important stuff like color psychology, audience response and retention, and overall business impact.

Logos are often thought of as branding but it’s more than just that. A brand is shown in ALL things that your business puts out. Your business website is the best example. Website design takes more than just design. It must be functional, easy-to-use, and original enough for customers to click on that Buy Now button. Putting all of those together takes more than just one person. It takes a village.

The various design prices you encounter are tempting. Cheap designs like $5-$10 for a logo seems like a good business idea. But those logos are often done by just one person. What they don’t tell to an untrained eye is that those $5 designs are created through copy-paste projects or one-click Photoshop action. When it comes to advertising, one thing to remember is that you get what you paid for. Especially if it’s something you found to easy search engines.

The Price List for Branding, Logos, and Website Design Cost

To make it easy for you, we’ve summarized the survey results in order for you to have a baseline of design prices. These prices are only measured by design and involves no coding like HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.

Do take note that these prices are not definitive and paying for more or less wouldn’t hurt. Price is only one thing to consider from your designers. Results would still be your best bet.

Best Price: $1,200

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Logos are very much the first thing you might be looking for with your business. They are important and they are often the first thing your customers see. A good logo would really help your audience remember your business. And creating a good one comes from a well-thought of concept. According to the survey, $1,200 is a good starting point. But if you’re working with a trusted company, you can go less or more.

Best Price: $1,900

Your next best step after getting a business logo is your homepage. Landing pages are also a good thing to consider as landing pages lead to high conversion. Often, these pages talk in a convincing manner through text and design. Some businesses have thrived by using effective landing pages. And a price of $1,900 more or less is a good place to start. These pages are very important for your business. Even if you market through social media or blogging, you would often link (and make sales) to these pages. Animated or high-quality landing pages may cost more.

Website Design
Best Price: $4,000

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The bulk of every creative package that businesses would look for a website design. A website design cost fall under $4,000 due to high demand and low supply of quality designers. Websites are your online storefront. They are the first thing a customer sees and is everything you’d want to showcase online when it comes to your business. A good website is crucial to the success of your business and along with good design comes optimal functionality. So, this type of job might take more than one or two people.

Mobile App
Best Price: $5,000

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While website design is generally what most businesses are looking for, mobile apps are something the new generation of marketers and audiences are taking. Mobile apps are vastly different from website design and is also considered a speciality for designers. As a result, mobile apps are voted to cost more from the survey due to this fact. They require greater attention when it comes to detail because most apps should bring good aesthetic along with convenience.

Web App Design
Best Price: $7,000

It’s not a surprise that web app design costs the most. Also called UI/UX projects, web app designs are often considered a large project. Web apps are often changing. Aside from constant changes with design and functionality, web apps usually encounter unexpected problems that need to be mitigated immediately. But good design can minimize this. A $7,000 is a good start according to expert freelancers. But this could go higher when your business requires a big project.

Survey Takeaways—What You Should Remember

Bottomline, good design is not cheap. It requires attention and a high amount of energy and inspiration. Like I said above, this list is arbitrary and is not the definitive rule but when your designer knows what he, she, or they are doing, they would know how much their design is worth.

Finding a good balance of price and quality for website design cost isn’t difficult. That’s where we come in. We at EOI Digital have been at this design business for a couple of years with over 100+ clients. And we know how design would work for you. If you have any questions regarding design, feel free to contact us. So you can begin to conquer the global market with your business.