Did you know that, according to research, 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site?

And why don’t they like what they find on the first site? Often it is all down to the website UX and the UX web design.

To give your users the best UX experience and to boost your traffic, check out our 5 key website UX principles.

5 Key Website UX Principles That Boost Traffic

Your website UX has a direct impact on your customer experience, which means that it has a direct impact on the success of your business. Follow these 5 key web UX principles to boost your website’s traffic.

  1. UX Website Design

Having an easy-to-use website that is user-friendly will help to boost your traffic. When designing your website consider how the user will interact with your site’s pages.

Be sure to remove any unnecessary information or pages, you don’t want to overload the user. Users want websites that offer the best UX design, which means you need a clear and consistent layout.

  1. Personalized User Experience

One sure way to boost your traffic through website UX is personalizing your website. A personalized UX will make your user feel appreciated, which in turn will encourage them to keep returning to your website.

Try adding related content or recommendations that are specific to each user.

  1. Easy to Read

Your user doesn’t want to spend hours reading through irrelevant content. They want to instantly find what they are looking for.

The best UX design relies on your content being scannable. Users won’t be reading your website, they will be scanning it. Try adding some attractive infographics that are quick to digest for your users.

  1. Don’t Tell, Show

Don’t tell your user to do something, guide them there instead. If you want your user to do something, for example, to book a free demo, make sure it stands out to them.

Creating a focal point will encourage your user to take the next guided step towards interacting with your business (and freebies are always a great way of doing this).

  1. UX Web Design and Beyond!

Not everyone will be viewing your website on a computer, so make sure your UX is friendly across all possible devices. This includes tablets and mobile phones.

Best practices for implementing a good UX across all devices is to ensure that your visuals are as consistent as possible, including having the same layout, and also creating flexible images – which are cropped accordingly depending on the device size.

If you aren’t sure about how to create the best UX design for your website. This post will help you to learn trendy web designs that can provide the best UX and boost website traffic today.

Good Design Just Makes Sense

Creating a website UX that is friendly and easy to navigate for users, just makes sense, because if you have happy customers then your business is going to be more successful.