Today I have some resources to help you make your website interactive for mobile users.

Capturing the attention of people in a fast-paced environment online can be a challenge, but there is a great way to reach your them on their smart devices with the right tools and technology in place. Would you like to attract and retain more visitors? Take advantage of these interactive website resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Use SMS to capture their attention – vCita

Would you like to generate more leads and increase open rates? Now you can with vCita, which offers the ability to quickly create professional SMS marketing campaigns for your clients. Link each promotion to a website form and also integrate your campaigns through email.

2) Make it easy for customers to contact you – SpeakPipe

In addition to a contact form you can now give your potential customers the chance to leave a voice mail message for you instead with SpeakPipe, which is a free service that also offers pay as you go and paid monthly options depending on your business’s needs. The software can be installed on your website as either a widget or on a page. Increase interactions as well as client satisfaction rates with this simple tool.

3) Instant customer support service – Zendesk Chat

Chat instantly with potential and existing customers right from your website. Zendesk Chat helps you to install automated chats that help make communication both positive and simple. Track and monitor your visitors with powerful analytics and switch between chat, ticketing, and social media for uninterrupted support.

4) Simple user research – Qualaroo

Conduct your own personal consumer research with Qualaroo. Turn website surveys into valuable insights you can use to improve your business. Target the right person with the right question at just the right time. After learning how users are engaging on your website you will be able offer them better content as well as develop more targeted paid search campaigns.

Hopefully you will find these interactive tools useful to your website performance and sales growth. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.