It’s a common question, that a lot of bloggers have answered, but I still get asked. So here’s my answer on how much a website costs.

What is a conversion worth to you?

If I build you a website and in 3 months you get 2 phone calls that lead to new business, then half of what you would expect for the year is the price.

As long as we both understand you have long term goals of growth, not just placing a website online. As well as what happens after it launches. However, for me it’s not done at that point.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

My favorite type of projects are the ones that come to me specifically for my WordPress and website building expertise. They know I am the expert.

Therefore they really put full faith into the recommendations around project approach, architecture, technologies to use, etc.

These clients see me as a valuable partner, an extension of their team, which always helps toward the success of a project and future goals.

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My job in your project

As a web marketer it is substantially more effective when campaigns consistently align with the goals of the business. Do you want more customers? Sell more product? Great!

No? ummmm…

Long-term goals dictate all the minute details. So if a business doesn’t know where they want to be in one year, I can’t see this working for either of us well. Especially when you get the monthly retainer invoices.

All companies have a great product to market, sell, and is easy for its customers to access. But it’s rarely true when you step away and take a look. Your approach to your project leads you to the value of your website and branding.

Also, be open to finding ways to modify the product for marketing from your price of it, to how it looks on the shelf or online. All these decisions are made from data-driven efforts.

Ongoing website services

This is something no one thinks about because once it launches, you have been sold that you can do it yourself. What a lie this is if you are a small business owner needing a website. Time is your enemy and not spending it on researching how to blog and do SEO is not one of them.

Have you thought about Google or Facebook ads? Search engine optimization for being discovered? Content development for your site to be indexed and found when searched?

All these things are not done at launch. How can you develop content if you do not know who is reading? How can you assume what to do, or spend, for ads if you are not aware of the type of people buying?

There’s a lot of moving parts to online marketing. Building a website is only the first step in figuring out how to be successful.