No industry takes turns as sharply as the web design industry does. The reason is that there is a great deal of advancement and design challenges. So a designer has to be active about each and every web technology trend. With the start of 2016, the eyes of the designers are focused on the predictions and insights of experts about what is going to be considered as good or bad web design this year because they want to be known as the most engaging professionals. Here are a few website trends that are expected to be counted as bad and ugly:

  1. Although very long scrolling in mobile designing is a popular trend, but it seems that it is too exhausting as well. The section wise divided content and animated scrolling is hazardous and the users will be interested in a website that has limited content and scrolling.
  2. Hamburger menu which hides the navigation has been appreciated by the mobile users, because it saves the space, but the life size websites may scathe the user experience. Generally, the visitors want simple sites and complex functionality does not inspire them. So, this trend is expected to be avoided in the next few months.
  3. The appealing web design needs to be more clear and explicit. Photos that contain text and a beautiful background and after clicking that text, the details appear, such things create pretty confusions in the mind of a user and if they have no idea of advanced technology, they would like to quite from the website with overlapping elements and extra layering.
  4. The number of websites is increasing with the passage of time and the experts are not finding solution to the problem of too much content load and slow speed. What they do to reach their viewers is that they make an extra web page with the name of ‘Introduction’. This is again alarming for the page load of heavy websites.
  5. The businessmen tend to add more and more applications to their websites. It, of course, leaves an impression of full functional site, but such tools are from third party and their designing standards may differ. The addition of several applications on a single page looks odd.