Desktop backgrounds are a major part of your day in the office, and yet they are so often forgotten. If you want to have a great desktop background, you have to make it branded, but you also have to make sure that it’s not too distracting. You have a lot of features to take into account.

But this article is going to focus on why you should standardize your desktop backgrounds for every employee. This guide is going to discuss why it can enhance your company’s brand and how you can go about making sure that they can’t be removed.

Make Your Equipment Yours

Your equipment should be linked to virtual business address and the rest of your brand. This will ensure that everyone knows which equipment belongs to you. This can have a lot of benefits because it makes it easier to avoid losing your work computer and it sets people in work mode.

Allowing your employees to bring in computers from home can be problematic because they won’t be in the correct mind set. You can avoid this through setting up the desktop background as your company logo, or something else inspiring.

Why Sameness is Important

A lot of employees would love to be able to personalize everything. There’s nothing wrong with getting creative sometimes, but on the other hand this is really not the place to be doing that. You want to brand your company, and that means you have to be consistent.

Brand consistency is about sameness and it is about making sure that everything is the same. One way in which you can do this is through applying the same desktop background for every employee.

What Desktop Background Works Best?

You want something that defines the employee culture you wish to have for your company. And so the best option is something unassuming. At the same time, you want everything to stand out, though. A simple company logo is the most obvious answer to this.

Think about how the desktop background is going to look to an outsider, though. Consider what a client is going to think when they walk through the office and the computers of your employees catches their eye. They want to see something professional because that can say a lot about the company they are about to start working with.

The key to choosing the right desktop background is to go with something professional that doesn’t act as too much of a distraction.

How Do You Stop People Changing the Wallpaper?

There are always rebels within the office. It may not be a massive sin for someone to change the wallpaper, but you don’t want this to happen in the first place. Thankfully, you can set a permanent wallpaper that can’t be changed simply by right clicking and going through the normal process of uploading another image.

To start with, you should to RUN and type in regedit. This will bring up the Editor for the open registry. You should go to the Policies section in the current version of Windows. It’s as simple as following the files. Once you get to the Policies section, you can create a new key entitled System. This might already exist, though.

Once you get to the right-side pane, just create a new string value for Wallpaper. Then you should set the exact path for the wallpaper you want. The path you choose will depend on where you are storing your wallpaper image. Take note, this only works with BMP files and JPG files.

In order for an employee to change this wallpaper, they would have to follow the same process you just did. And most employees are not going to be tech savvy enough to do this.

But what if you do happen to come across someone who’s rather intelligent with computers?

Since you are going deep into the computer system, you have the option of setting a password. This will mean that only people with the password can get into the system files, thus barring them entry. As you can see, this is a fool proof way of doing things.

What do you think is the best type of desktop background for your company’s computers?