Online shopping is no more a niche market, it’s booming. Almost everything, from FMCG products to clothing to gadgets to kid’s essentials, are sold over the internet. In other words, e-commerce websites are successfully engaging a large section of the spending class.

The e-commerce industry is booming with an estimated growth of a whopping $434 billion industry by 2017, that too only in the US market. In addition, customers are increasingly shopping using their smartphones and this trend will only fuel up the growth in the e-commerce industry.

With an ever evolving technology and competition over the internet, e-commerce stores constantly need to work to upgrade their stores, not only with great products but also a top order customer service.

There are a number of steps that can be taken before the launch of a website, but to make a website work, you have to closely work on the different aspects of your web store. A web store is equal to a brand store only over the internet.

User Experience is the Key

74% of businesses believe that user experience is key to success for any enterprise, reestablishing the fact that user experience and sales are connected. Therefore, great user experience lures visitors to spend more time in your e-commerce store, improving the sales and revenue of your website.

There is no point stressing the fact that the online system works. The point is as the competition toughens up, how does an online store remain at the top of the game. Here are some essential ways that can help your online business to flourish.

#1. Work on the first impression

For a product to sell, you need to keep your users engaged and keep browsing through your website. It often happens that customers just have a vague idea of their requirements, so as an online store, make sure to provide user-oriented experience.

Try to use a format and navigation that’s user-friendly. A good first impression lasts in a user’s mind so make sure to make a website as creative as possible. Try to go for responsive web designs. Considering the wide range of devices that your potential customer can reach you from, make sure your websites look great on all platforms.

#2. Picture matters

Two main areas to focus on making a great e-commerce website are clear detailed product pictures and an attractive web design. It is said that customers generally remember 80% of what they see on online stores to 20% of what they read.

Remember, for an e-commerce website pictures are crucial as your potential buyers do not get a chance to touch or see it by themselves. Therefore, make sure that the virtual image conveys the message with clarity.

  • Use all white background to let your products stand out
  • Use big clear photographs to grab the visitor’s attention
  • Enable zooming facilities so that customers can check on details
  • Provide pictures from different angles

#3. Improve navigation of the store

You want your visitors to buy your products, but what if they cannot find what they want. Improving the navigation of a page is important to make sure visitors browse through your store easily without many hiccups.

Here are some tried and tested strategies that have proved to be effective:

  • Add the “What’s New” Page

Your customers do not want to browse through the old stuff in search of the new products. By adding a “what’s new” tab to your navigation, you can tempt new visitors to check your product. It’s also a great way to display your latest collection.

  • Get a “recently viewed” feature

It often happens that when you are browsing through products, you decide to review or buy a product you saw a few clicks back. Often finding the product is not easy and mostly irritating. However, if you have a “recently viewed” tab on the product page, the navigation is far easier for a potential buyer.

  • Use drop-down menus

With this format, the navigation process is easier and smoother. It makes visitors happy as they need lesser clicks to reach their product.

  • Offer stories with your product

A great way to tempt customers is by offering stories that showcase your products. Provide pictures of how a particular furniture you are selling can be used or what accessories will go with a dress you are offering.

  • Fixing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a frequent customer behavior and a widespread e-commerce problem online. There are many ways to fix shopping card Abandonment. Try one of the shopping cart abandonment management techniques and bring back the customers to increase the conversions.

#4. Personalized Bundles and Collections

A great way to show that you care for your customers is by giving them a handpicked collection of products that they really enjoy. Such curated collection helps a customer save time while giving them an idea of what to buy. This works great as holiday season gift ideas.

#5. Easy search options

Easy search options are key to an online store’s success. The search option should be obvious and structured, that leads the customer to discover great products.

The best way to ensure that your customers have no difficulty in finding a product is by incorporating a search engine in the website and also a search bar in the menu. More better if your website search engine can predict what a customer is searching.

#6. Deals and freebies

It’s a known fact that people decide very quickly if they like a website or not. So as a website owner, you should work on options in your homepage that helps to attract the attention of visitors. Nothing attracts more than shopping deals or promos.

Millions are known to shop like crazy for discounted products. So, make sure to offer customers freebies and discounts when they shop from your shop.

Keep your users informed. Make sure your website homepage displays latest news of upcoming events or sales period or a new product. So, a customer doesn’t need to spend hours browsing for the latest version or hot deals. Such updates are great to attract both new customers or old.

#8. Build trust by removing friction

Online shoppers are highly passive. Before making any kind of transaction like buying a product from a website, there are a number of frictions that bar them from going forward. Moreover, with digital crime on a rise, “trust” has become a very important factor.

If an online store is not successful in exerting trust to its visitors, buyers will hardly make any transaction in the web store. Therefore, it is important to understand How to Build Customer Relationship Trust With Good Web Design .

Here are a few ideas that can help instill trust among visitors:

  • Add SSL certificate

Induction of an SSL certificate is a great way of instilling confidence among customers that the website is trustworthy. This certificate guarantees that customer’s personal information like credit or debit card details or other personal information will not be misused.

There are many case studies that show that beside the call to action button, the SSL badge also acts are a trigger that contributes to better sales numbers. However. There are different types of SSL types, so find out the right type of SSL and SSL provider for your online business.

  • Add Reassurance Copy

Another strategy that encourages visitors to take action is adding reassurance copy beside the call to action.There are two effective ways of boosting assurance to a e-commerce store –

  • Privacy policy – Another way to instil confidence among potential buyers of your web store is adding a privacy policy statement near the CTA (call to action) button.

#9. Payment options and icon

E-commerce websites have customer base across the globe. However, a lot of time you may have a specific payment system or have technical limitations which require customers from specific countries.

As an online store, maintain clarity about payment options and delivery information. Most websites offer payment options like credit and debit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery and Paypal among others. Make sure to put icons of the payment systems you accept.


Hopefully, the above tips and suggestions will help you enjoy a well-organized, smart and effective website that has stellar conversions. With all the competition and expenses that you bear to have an online store, you deserve to enjoy a web presence that reaps gold for you.

Pay a little attention to your website and you will certainly have the world’s attention!