Are you looking for an easy way to make your WordPress site GDPR compliant? Many WordPress plugins can help you create a privacy policy, track and display the cookies your website uses, and give visitors the option to view and delete their data from your site. Here are nine plugins you can use to stay GDPR-compliant with your WordPress website.

The Best WordPress GDPR Plugins

WordPress plugins make it reasonably easy to meet the GDPR requirements and protect the privacy of your visitors’ data. GDPR applies to everyone, even if you’re not based in the EU. Even just web traffic coming from Europe means you need to comply. Due to the dynamic nature of websites and the Internet, no plugin can offer 100% legal compliance. If you have any questions about GDPR and your website, please consult an Internet law attorney for more information on your situation. Note: Nothing in this article should be considered legal advice.

1. CookieBot

CookieBot is a cloud-based GDPR solution that helps you control cookies and trackers on your website. It offers a customizable consent banner that visitors can use to opt in or out of the cookies your website uses. You can also automatically generate a cookie policy for your website that you can publish as part of your terms or privacy policy.

2. Delete Me

Delete Me is a plugin that lets you allow specific WordPress user roles to delete their profile and other information. You can let people delete their data that they don’t want to be stored by your site, search directories, and other online services that retain data. This plugin is particularly useful if people create an account on your website. You can give them the power to delete their WordPress profiles from your site whenever they want.

3. Share Counts

While Share Counts is primarily a social media sharing plugin, it’s included on this list because it’s GDPR compliant. It doesn’t use any cookies or tracking scripts, nor does it store any user data. Your site visitors will still be able to share your content with their social media followers without fear of being tracked.

Cookie Notice is a user-friendly GDPR plugin that lets you create a customizable message and layout for visitors. Change the banner’s position and layout, let users accept or decline consent directly on the banner, and display the message in multiple languages. This plugin also lets you point site visitors to a page with more information, such as your privacy policy.

5. GDPR Framework

GDPR Framework is another useful plugin that will anonymize the personal data, manage and withdraw consent, manage cookies, and generate a GDPR-compatible privacy policy. It gives users the ability to view their data that your site has collected and gives them the option to export and delete it.

6. WP AutoTerms

WP AutoTerms is one of the more complete privacy plugins today since it lets you create multiple policies for your site, including GDPR policies. With this plugin, you can create and link your policy pages anywhere on your website, add a notification banner, and fully customize it. To create a GDPR-specific policy, you’ll need the premium version of the plugin.

7. WP GDPR Compliance

With WP GDPR Compliance, you can automatically add a GDPR consent checkbox to several supported contact forms and eCommerce plugins, such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce. When enabled, it’ll keep a consent log for each supported plugin, anonymize visitor data, and offer a way for visitors to request a copy of their data and ask for it to be deleted.

GDPR Cookie Compliance is an easy-to-use plugin that lets you give site visitors full control over their data on your site. They can consent to specific cookies and trackers as they wish, and the options to view and delete their stored data. It’s fully customizable, so you can brand it to your website and is SEO friendly too. Upgrade to the premium version of the plugin to gain access to more advanced features, such as geo-location display options, consent renewal if you change your policy, and more granular control of where the banner displays on your site.

9. WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log is not a GDPR plugin, but rather, is a WordPress security activity plugin. From a GDPR perspective, it’s useful to see what is collecting data on your site, such as plugins, forms, comments, and more. You can then investigate how the data is being used and what GDPR or privacy option you need to install on your site.

Online privacy is a big deal today, and it’s impacting every WordPress website on the Internet. No matter who your target audience is, if even a single visitor is from Europe, you’ll need to comply with GDPR. Use these plugins to add more control over the data collected and stored on your site, and give visitors the option to view and delete it. If you don’t, you could be facing severe fines and penalties.