Add Social Media Widgets to your Website

When you use social media to market your internet business, you need to be certain it integrates seamlessly with the social media platforms you select. Social media widgets invite people to join you on your chosen sites. When you have a clear way visitors can join you on social media, you will get more traffic to both your website and social media sites.

Add Social Media Widgets to your Website

Invite Readers to Friend/Follow You on Social Media

Sometimes just having a widget is now enough for people to click on it. You should invite your audience to connect with you on their preferred social media platform. While this may seem like it is “understood” by the very presence of the widget on your site, you will increase the likelihood of an interaction by simply saying:

“Friend me on Facebook”
“Let’s Connect on LinkedIn”
“Follow me on Twitter”

Or, to ensure all social media platforms are included, write “Follow me on Social Media.” Don’t forget to link to the appropriate platforms so your visitor can reply to your request with one click.

Invite Readers to Friend/Follow You on Social Media

Make an Immediate Impression with Visual Interest

Most people respond better to visuals than to blocks of texts. Your visuals can include everything from images to videos, animations, and infographics. The key is to use outstanding design elements that are attractive and relevant to your web page and your target audience.

In addition, many of your prospects and customers will like to see who they are interacting with on the internet. You should have an about page that includes a professional image of you that accurately presents you and your brand. If you have a team that frequently interacts with clients, add their photos as well.

Don’t forget to share these images on your social media profiles as well!

Create an Optimized Sign-Up OfferCreate an Optimized Sign-Up Offer

Your ultimate goal, I hope, is to obtain clients for your service or buyers for your product. In order to do this, once you have their attention you need to entice them to sign up for your ‘list.” An optimized signup form with a fabulous offer will get them to do just that. You have many options to consider when deciding what your free gift will be. It may be a free report, e-book, video or audio. Be creative and make sure it actually contains some value for your audience.

Use Exceptionally Effective Calls To Action (CTA)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your visitors “know” what action you want them to take next. Every single piece of content you publish on social media and your website should end with telling the reader what the next step is. Take their hand and lead them through the process of becoming your ideal customer.

Be Obvious who your Target Audience Is

If someone finds you on social media or your website, will they know immediately that you are talking to them? They should have no doubt and feel like you are addressing them personally. Create a message that will make your reader say to themselves, ‘She’s talking to me!’

To do this you need to know who your target market is. If you really know who they are and what they need, it will be easy to laser-focus your message. If you’re new to the concept of target marketing, learn more here.

Don’t Forget your Contact Page

We’ve been talking a lot about telling your reader what to do next (CTA), appealing to them visually and giving them an incentive to join your inner circle (opt-in list). Now, don’t forget to tell them to contact you! No brainer? Maybe but some entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in the other steps that they leave this one out. Your contact page should include all ways to reach you even if it’s published elsewhere on your site or social media platforms. Include your business and personal name, relevant phone numbers, email addresses and physical address. This is another place to link your social media platforms as well. Just make sure you are monitoring them for contact requests!

Contact Page

After you have everything in place, go through the process that a new contact would need to do. Better yet, have some ‘fresh eyes’ walk through the process. This could be a friend, colleague or team member. Did they hit a “stop point’ before completing the process? Go back and fix any stop signs then retest.

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