Since in-person meetings and trade shows are canceled until who knows when, your B2B website has become your most important sales asset (next to your people, of course). If you’ve neglected your B2B website or need a quick website makeover in response to COVID-19, I’ve got 5 must-haves to help keep your website sales-ready during this pandemic.

1. Be transparent about expectations.

If you are in a business sector that has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic, you need a clear notice on your website informing your audience of how this affects them and what they can expect. A nicely designed pop-up or floating bar (see example below) that links to a page that goes into more detail works well. If you are in a slightly unscathed business or the current situation won’t impact clients or service delivery, there is no need for a notice.

2. Be clear about what your company does and why you’re different.

You can longer rely solely on your sales team, making up for the lack of content strategy or poorly written copy on your B2B website. I’ve worked on over 400 websites in my career. I’m often amazed at how many companies can’t articulate what services, solutions, or products they provide and how they can solve their prospects’ problems better than a competitor. If you can do this succinctly, in a compelling, easy-to-digest format — you are 80% of the way there to having a sales-ready website.

3. Make sure your forms are working.

The last thing you want is to be losing business during these uncertain times. Make sure all your website forms are working and being delivered to the correct people. Do this regularly and ensure that your internal team promptly follows up on all leads. You also should check and make sure your phone numbers and contact information are all correct.

4. Make it easy to connect with a live person.

We are in the day and age of instant gratification. If someone is on your website and has questions, you want to make sure they are connected as quickly as possible — whether this is having a live chat or having a live person pick up the phone. When it comes to website leads — the early bird always catches the worm. If they can’t get an answer from you, they’ll call and chat with your competitors.

5. Showcase your best assets.

Since you can’t rely on in-person meetings or trade shows to tell compelling stories about your company’s fantastic results, it’s time to tell them on your website. Take this opportunity to create compelling case studies that showcase ROI, update project portfolios, refresh your product photography, etc. The more your website can convey the value your business delivers, the better.

*Bonus tip – if you in a situation where you need to ramp up inbound leads quickly, make the updates above and then consider a paid search and email marketing campaign to drive immediate traffic to your website.

Finally, COVID-19 has knocked the world on its hindquarters. My heart goes out to all the businesses that aren’t going to make it through. Business owner to business owner, marketer to marketer, I’d like to leave you with one quote that keeps me hopeful:

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein