4 Reasons It Takes So Long To Build A New Website Be Visible

When I began working in internet marketing, I could help my clients get a new website whipped up in about a week or two – easy peasy. Technology has advanced greatly since then. So it would be natural to assume that building a website would be easier and faster than ever before. But it’s the polar opposite.

I’m not a website developer or designer, but I act as a website project manager for many of my clients. First, I find the right designer and developer that fits their needs and budget. Then I create content that will connect with my clients’ ideal clients or customers. Finally, I act as their hand-holder throughout the process.

However, many businesses want their new site designed and built in just a few weeks. But, creating a dynamic new site that speaks directly to your ideal clients just can’t happen that fast. This is because of the four important elements that must be in line:

4 Reasons It Takes So Long To Build A New Website

1. You Need Compelling Content – You and your competitors are going after the same audience, so your website content and messaging must do an incredible job of immediately connecting with your ideal clients and customers than ever before. Creating content takes time and thought, so don’t leave this until last. Don’t feel you can create compelling content yourself? Reach out for help (I’m a good choice!).

2. You Want Great Design – Your visitors’ experience, your branding, and your message all need to be consistent in order to connect with your ideal clients visually, emotionally and intellectually. The best designers approach their job not just as creators of pretty websites, but as marketers; partnered with you to create the best representation of your business.

3. SEO Can’t Be Ignored – Your site must be built with best practices for SEO so Google can actually find it. Here again is where hiring the right designer/developer comes into play. Some designers understand SEO. But unfortunately, most don’t. Make sure you ask the right questions before you sign a contract. (Such as, “What do you do to ensure that Google will be able to find my website?”).

4. It’s Gotta Be A Great Mobile Experience – Your new website must load fast and be super easy to navigate on a mobile device. If it doesn’t, even your desktop visibility will be impacted. Google now rates websites based upon mobile performance, not desktop. I’ve worked on some recent projects where we created a separate version just for mobile. It added a slight additional cost but was totally worth it.

You see, building a website is like building a custom home. When you’re having a home built, there are a myriad of decisions to make—and you, as the owner, know you have to be patient. It often feels like a lot of time goes by from when the first brick is laid to when you host your first dinner party. Your house must look great on the outside and function perfectly on the inside, and the same goes for your website.

And, just a homeowner needs to know how to use the dishwasher and air conditioner, you should be able to make basic changes to the text and images on your site without having to make an emergency call to your designer. Training is important. One of my favorite designers creates little how-to videos for my clients – so they’ll never get stumped!

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons it takes so long to build a new website these days. But being patient totally pays off. Your website is an integral part of doing business so don’t rush it!