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These days, having a unique and interactive website is not an easy task. There are so many websites out there and it seems almost impossible to have a website that doesn’t look like your competitor’s website. If you want that your website will look more appealing and attractive, you must use different elements or technics that will make it stand out.

Customize your website template

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a template for your website. My 1st suggestion is to find a website template that suits your business needs and your potential clients. The main problem is that there is a chance that your competitors will find the same template and apply it on their website. In order to tackle this issue, you’ll need to add creative elements, new fonts, colors, buttons etc. to the chosen template. These actions will help you get a unique and different website compared to your competitors.

Limit Your Calls to Action

The first impression is one of the most important factors when someone is visiting your website. Except the fact that you’ll need to have all the relevant info about your business, you’ll need to create Calls to Action. My suggestion is to think twice about the number of destinations you offer your visitors from each page. The most important rule is to not overwhelm your visitors when they entering your website. Of course, it depends on what you’re selling but, you should always think about the interaction between the visitors and your website. You’ll want to guide the visitors, not being aggressive.

Add a Video To Your Homepage

Studies have shown that websites with videos can get higher engagement. My suggestion is to create a high-quality video with an explanation about your company – what do you do, which products do you sell etc.
These kinds of videos can increase your engagement with your future potential clients and eventfully increase your revenues. If you don’t have enough money to invest in a video, don’t create one.

Add a Chat

Chat is another great way to engage with your customers. While there are many websites that are using chat on their websites, only some of them are actually doing it right. My suggestion is to create different rules regarding the chat, you should ask yourself important questions such as: When and where the chat will appear? Will the chat appear on all pages? How will the chat look like? Which question should I ask the visitors inside the chat etc.

So, what do you do in order to make your website more attractive?

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