10 Signs Your Site Needs A Redesign

Let’s have a little chat about your business’s website.

Did you hire a web design agency to build your business’s website when the company first launched, but no one has updated the website since?

If you visit your website on a cell phone or tablet, does it look the exact same as it does on a computer’s browser, making it difficult to view the text and navigate the site?

Does your site have very high bounce rates or very short session durations?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then your business’s website has fallen victim to web design shortcomings. And it’s time for a redesign intervention.

Taking care of customers and other managerial tasks have been your priority and you’re busy. I totally get it. I’m not here to point fingers in regards to why and how it got this way – I’m just here to help.

How do you know if a redesign will be worth the investment?

A redesign can improve your site’s SEO, increase conversions, encourage returning website visitors and extend the reach of your business. In other words, an out-dated and poorly performing website is costing you customers, while an optimized website designed by a professional team could result in more customers and revenue for your business.

Read through our list of 10 signs that prove your website needs a redesign to find out if your site deserves a reward or a redesign!

Your Site Is Not a Responsive Site

Problem: Your website is not coded as a responsive site (aka: the site changes when it is looked at on a mobile device to become easier to view and interact with), and therefore, you lose leads or customers who visit your site on mobile devices. Your site is simultaneously being punished by Google for not being responsive, which hurts its SEO and organic page rank.

Fix: Hire a web design agency or trusted web programmer to upgrade your site to a responsive website. There really isn’t a way around this – it must be done, and the sooner the better.

Too Many Navigation Bars, Not Easy To Use Navigation Bars or UI Is Bad

Problem: Your site’s navigation needs an over-haul because if people can’t find the web pages they’re looking for, they will leave the site and never return.

Fix: Hire a UX consulting firm or a web design agency to analyze the site’s current UX and UI, and then suggest changes for an optimal user experience. This will increase the amount of time website visitors spend on your site, as well as increase the number of conversions.

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Lack of Call To Action Buttons

Problem: Not having enough call to action buttons on the site will hinder its ability to generate conversions or purchases.

Fix: Have an agency or marketing professional analyze your website to suggest exact locations for call to action buttons on the site, as well as other lead generation tactics, such as lead capture forms and email subscription signups.

Too Many Short Pages Or Pages With Big Blocks of Text

Problem: Your site does not utilize the modern long-scrolling web page trend, and as a result, has tons of pages with very little text that people do not want to visit or pages with huge amounts of text that people do not want to read.

Fix: Choose a web design agency to redesign the website with long-scrolling pages in mind, which will break up information in a way that encourages storytelling and slowly informs the reader, while also allowing the reader to scan for information.

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No Title Tags, No Alt Tags and Images Don’t Show Up For Social Media Posts

Problem: Improper coding, which hurts your website and business in many aspects.

Fix: Hire a web design agency or trusted web programmer to add keyword-rich title tags and meta data, alt tags and helpful plug-ins that help integrate the site with social media posts, as well as other important functions.

Small Images and Small Text

Problem: Small images and small text is found throughout your site, making it difficult to read and scan.

Fix: Your business needs a web designer or design agency to revamp the website by utilizing large and responsive hero images, larger text, bolder headlines and brief descriptive paragraphs.

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Flash Animation, Automatic Music and Moving Text

Problem: These features date your website (in a very bad way) and are also annoyances. In addition, Flash can’t be seen on many mobile devices.

Fix: Hire a web design agency or trusted web programmer to delete all out-dated features and turn Flash animations into a modern animation format that also works on mobile devices.

Problem: It should not be a challenge for a new website visitor to find the contact information, social media links and other subscription links.

Fix: Make sure the contact information and social media icons with embedded links are in a fixed location on the very top or bottom of every page on the site, as well as other crucial subscription links, such as newsletter sign up, blog sign up or other email options.

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No Videos or the Incapacity To Place Videos On the Site

Problem: Your site needs to have videos, and if you don’t have them, you’re losing potential customers.

Fix: Videos have come more useful than images. Hire a videographer or marketing agency to create corporate videos, product highlight videos or to enhance old demos. Build a YouTube page, but also be sure to place some videos on your business’s website. Tip: don’t let these videos greatly increase your site’s downloading time or else that will hurt its SEO and could cause high bounce rates.

The Content Does Not Speak to Humans AND Search Engine Spiders

Problem: If a website’s content is not intriguing and helpful to people, they won’t want to read it. If a website’s content does not utilize SEO tactics to attract search engine spiders, it won’t even have the chance to be seen.

Fix: Choose an online marketing agency to run a full analysis on your website’s SEO and content. Keyword research should be used by a content development expert to rewrite the website content so that it attracts people and is optimized for SEO.

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