Today, approximately 76 million websites are using the WordPress platform for their destination website or blog and the numbers are growing. One of the perks of using WordPress are the plugins which make it easy to add an endless list of cool features and abilities. For online marketers the possibilities are endless and include plugins have the potential of helping them encourage their target audiences to take action. But who has the time to weed through the thousands upon thousands of available plugins? Well, we’ve taken the time and came up with this list of 10 top WordPress plugins (some free) that inspire visitors to take action – you’re welcome.


#1. MaxButtons

This great plugin makes it possible for you to quickly create attention getting buttons on your WordPress website that increase conversion. The plugin’s editor provides options to choose from, including colors and fonts and nice design features like applying shadows, borders and gradients. If you go for the paid version, you’ll also have access to over 5000 pre-made buttons.


#2. Leadin

Leadin is a plugin that creates and places contact and opt-in forms on your website and presents insights for anyone who fills out one of the forms. Leadin is one of the free plugins and a great one at that.


3. Bontact

The Bontact plugin makes it possible for both your service and sales staff to talk to customers at any time, using any device. Visitors can choose the channel, whether it’s voice, chat, email, text, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or video call.


4. Contextly

Contextly is a powerful content recommendation system that’s links are internal. This means that, unlike recommendation systems that are commonly found on news sites, you aren’t sending visitors away – you’re invited them to say on your page to consume content. If the content is good enough, they’ll come back for more. An additional feature that’s extremely useful is that Contextly can point visitors to specified products and videos as well.

5. Disqus

This plugin makes easy for readers to join in on your blog’s discussion thread by merely granting entry to one of their social media channels. Users are offered a number of choices which include subscribing to receive updates through email whenever the stream contains new content. This feature inspires readers to stay on your website/blog.


6. Fanciest Author Box

One of the top wordpress plugins that makes your articles/posts more compelling, an awesome feature that encourages reader interaction. Fancier Author Box presents the author’s photo, official title and bio below the post in addition to a tabbed system of their social profiles and links to the prospective sites.


7. Inbound Now

This is a great marketing automation plugin that’s actually a suite of plugins that will help you take advantage of essential marketing automation functions including CTA’s, landing pages, lead tracking, email and A/B testing.


8. Social Locker

The Social Locker plugin asks site visitors interested in having access to your content to share it first. Basically, visitors are asked to pay to gain access with a tweet, like, etc., to receive a discount, watch a video, etc.


9. SumoMe

This plugin makes it easy for visitors to share your content on their social media sites (16 social options sites in all) by making your social icons appear on screen all the time, on all devices. SumoMe happens to be a free WordPress plugin.


10. Image Widget

Using your WordPress media manager, you can use the Image Widget plugin to select the image of your choice and link it to your main destination/landing page. You’ll also be able to include a caption, alt text, align and resize the image. Images are eye-catching and inspire clicks which is one of the top reasons this is such a useful plugin.

As mentioned above, some of these WordPress plugins are free and some have pro versions that are well worth looking into. Either way, these plugins have the potential of helping you turn your website into one that inspires action and generates income.


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