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65+ Web Design Statistics to Boost Your Next Web Build

Your website is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. It isn’t just a…

Nicole Kolesnikov
October 13, 2023
Customer Experience

Custom Website Design vs Template: Pros and Cons + How to Decide Which One Fits Your Business

Your website is an integral part of your business. Not only does it provide information about what you do,…

Alejandra Zilak
January 12, 2022
Web Design

What Should My B2B Website Have?

Starting a B2B web design project can be overwhelming. There is a lot to consider and often a lot…

Jeremy Durant
January 3, 2022
Web Design

Is It Time to Update Your WordPress Website? Try These 4 Tools

Today I have some WordPress plugins to help you improve your website in the new year. Now is a…

Susan Gilbert
December 31, 2021
Web Design

Aesthetics vs SEO in Web Design: Should You Ever Compromise?

The reductive take on SEO is that it’s all about doing everything to ensure a website ranks as high…

Paul Morris
December 24, 2021
Web Design

What Are Handshake Domains?

People in the domain space are increasingly talking about handshake domains. Additionally, how they could shake up the internet…

Jeffrey Gabriel
December 15, 2021
Web Design

How to Build a Strategy Before Launching Your Website

When starting a small business, reaching the point where it is time to get your name out into the…

Amanda Waltz
December 15, 2021
Web Design

Ways Your Domain Can Make or Break Your Business

Is a domain name just a word used for a website? Can a domain name really make or break…

Jeffrey Gabriel
December 15, 2021
Web Design

Don’t Be Website Domain Trendy: The .io Versus .com Business Problem You Need to Understand

Domain trends can hurt your business. Especially if you choose .io over the traditional .com domain. This also holds…

Jeffrey Gabriel
December 15, 2021
Web Design

How to Improve Website User Experience

Your website is your 24 hour sales person and the foundation to all of your digital marketing efforts. It…

Debra Murphy
December 6, 2021
Web Design

3 Crucial Pages to Include on Your B2B Website

If you’re a B2B company, your website is likely the most important sales and marketing tool in your arsenal.…

Robin Maylone
November 22, 2021
Web Design

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