The defending champion of EPL (Manchester City) remains strong in the Premier League with their high skills and good defense. The battle line is now drawn between Pep Guardiola and Patrick Vieira as they play on the 27th of August 2022. With so much fan anticipation, the Stadium would get filled, and some fans might find it difficult to watch it there.

The good news for fans is that Manchester City vs Crystal Palace will be airing on various channels across Canada, the UK., New Zealand, and the US. However, for fans who don’t reside in the countries mentioned above, streaming the match live can be a little tricky. Read on to find out how to easily watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace online from anywhere in the world with the use of a VPN.

How To Watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace From Abroad 

Fans are excited to watch this match as it promises to be suspenseful and packed with nail-biting action. Fireworks are expected because Manchester City would want to claim their second victory at home as they race to become the first on the premier league table. For fans who stay abroad and would love to watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace live, follow the simple steps below on how to set up a VPN. 

  • Step 2 – Choose a Server: Once installation is complete, choose a server so you can access your preferred platform. 
  • Step 3 – Create an Account with your preferred platform: Use your details to set up an account with your chosen streaming platform if you don’t already have one. 
  • Step 4 – Start streaming Manchester City vs Crystal Palace:  After successfully creating an account, you can watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace. 

Step 1: Choose a VPN

There are many VPN providers, but choosing the best VPN service is paramount to having a seamless streaming experience. Have you heard of Surfshark? It’s one of the best VPN providers we can recommend for you to watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace live, and we believe they won’t let you down. 

Surfshark has consistently delivered excellent VPN services and options to users across the globe, which is one of the reasons it has been considered a top option among other VPN providers. 

1. Surfshark – The Best VPN To Stream Manchester City vs Crystal Palace

Surfshark logoSurfshark has been regarded as a top VPN provider by people who carry out activities online through encrypted and safe channels to protect their sensitive data and those who wish to switch locations, Surfshark has been known to provide top-notch services and tools with so much simplicity and efficiency, which are pretty impressive.

Its VPN services include great speed, dedicated I.P. address, manual server selection, and locking features. Surfshark can deliver these excellent services efficiently due to its vast network of servers. The VPN provider is buoyant, with over 3,200 servers across 90 countries. 

Finally, Surfshark has a fantastic feature that grants its users unrestricted access to many streaming platforms. Here are some streaming channels Surfshark allows its users to access: TSN, ESPN, Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

Above all, all these fantastic VPN services from Surfshark are offered at a meagre price. The VPN provider offers three distinct pricing based on the period of subscription,

Surfshark, an affordable VPN for streaming

 The pricing includes; 

  • One month – $12.95 per month 
  • 12 months– $3.99 per month 
  • Twenty-four months – $2.49 per month. 

Another service with mention is the 30-day money-back guarantee Surfshark offers its clients. This enables its clients to evaluate and go through the app at no money risk. 

What we like:

  • Extraordinary Speed 
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • Affordable 2-year Subscription plan 
  • More than 3,200 servers in over 90 countries

2. NordVPN 

Another alternative option we can recommend for football fans abroad who want to stream Manchester City vs Crystal Palace is NordVPN. It is the best alternative as it offers incredible services to its users, from fast connection speed to robust encryption and a series of extra security features. Regarding the best VPN services in the world, NordVPN ranks first among the best and boasts more than 5,000 servers in over 59 countries. 

PureVPN devices

NordVPN is extremely fast, has servers working with different streaming platforms across the globe, military-grade encryption, and is reasonably priced. Aside from the fact it offers a multiple choice of servers, it has reliable connectivity and an array of tools that you can use to improve your online privacy and security.

Courtesy of NordVPN’s affordability and unique features, which include; a dedicated I.P. address, incredible speed, cheap subscription plan, NordVPN provides the best VPN services in the world. 

NordVPN users have the privilege to access various streaming platforms such as TSN, ESPN, SkySport, and BBC iPlayer. NordVPN also makes three different subscription plans available – Standard, Plus, and Complete- to cater to the varied financial strength of clients and potential clients. 

 The pricing includes; 

  • Standard – $11.99 per month 
  • Plus – $12.69 per month 
  • Complete – $13.99 per month. 

For its client’s sake, NordVPN also offers massive discounts to clients who decide to go for their 2-year subscription plan. Lastly, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee NordVPN offers its clients, allowing them to try their services at zero risk. 

Step 2: Install Your VPN

You have been convinced by all these breathtaking, unique VPN features and tools offered by Surfshark. Now let’s dive into how to download and install the Surfshark app.

To install the application, you must visit the Surfshark website, find the “Get Surfshark” icon, and click on it to begin the registration process. Your basic personal details will be requested on the next page. After filling in that, you will be redirected to another page. 

Surfshark Pricing

After filling out all the required information, the next thing to do is to choose a subscription duration and make the necessary payment. For ease of payment, the Surfshark website has provided several payment means. These include Google Pay, crypto payment, ACH Transfer, debit/credit cards, AmazonPay, and many more. 

Surfshark VPN

Once payment has been confirmed, click download and install the app. Launch the app and connect to a secure server. Your device compatibility is not a problem as the Surfshark app operates efficiently on operating systems like Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. 

Step 3: Go To The Streaming Channel Of Your Choice 

After the app has been successfully downloaded and installed on your device, there’s just one more thing to do for you to watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace live from anywhere in the world. Open your streaming platform and tune into the required sports channel. 

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace will be airing live in several countries. These include; 

  • The U.K. – Sky Sports and B.T. Sport
  • The U.S. – NBCSN or NBC 
  • Canada – DAZN
  • Australia – Optus Sport  

How To Watch The Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Live Stream In The U.S

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace can be streamed by fans in the U.S. on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. You will be required to sign up for either a Premium plan or a Premium Plus, which are $4.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively.

For football fans outside the U.S. who still have the right Peacock subscription, you can watch the Manchester City vs Crystal Palace live stream by using a VPN such as Surfshark. NBC can be accessed with a cable T.V. package or T.V. antennas. Sling T.V. is another good option: the Sling Blue package costs $35 per month and comes with more than 30 channels with NBC inclusive. An alternative to Sling T.V. is FuboTV. which has its Pro Plan as $70 per month but gives you 121 channels, including NBC, plus lots more for sports fans to enjoy.

How To Watch The Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Live Stream In The U.K

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace kicks off at 3 p.m. BST in the U.K., but it won’t be airing on any of the usual providers — Amazon Prime, Sky Sports, and B.T. Sport. The reason for this is that the kick-off time falls within the traditional Saturday blackout. The “blackout” is an agreement signed into law to stop televising all premier league 3 pm matches. This was enacted to help encourage more football fans to show interest in the lower leagues. 

If you’re an American or Canadian (or from any other country with a legitimate live stream service for Manchester City vs Crystal Palace) and are only in the U.K. temporarily, you can still watch with services from your home country. You’ll need one of the best VPN services, like Surfshark

How To Watch The Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Live Stream In Canada 

Fans in Canada can watch the Manchester City vs Crystal Palace live stream on Fubo. T.V., which is the new home of Premier League soccer in Canada. It resulted in a slightly higher price of CAN$24.99 as more of the action had been changed from DAZN, which was $20 last season. This price goes for the Essential plan, covering all Premier League matches, all Serie A matches, plus 29 channels, including BeInSports and MLB Network.

Canadians stuck abroad that still want their low-price alternative can use Surfshark as it is their best VPN service. 

How To Watch The Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Live Stream In Australia 

Football fans in Australia can watch the Manchester City vs Crystal Palace live stream on Optus Sport. It has the right to show all 380 Premier League games this season. A tablet or mobile device can be used to access Optus Sport, Chromecast, and Apple T.V. It costs $24.99 AUD monthly. An Annual Pass is also available for $199 AUD/year.

A decent VPN such as Surfshark can be used to watch all the action on your Optus account if you are not in Australia. 

How To Watch The Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Live Stream In New Zealand 

Kiwis can access Manchester City vs Bournemouth live stream via Sky Sport. A cost of $60.98 NZD is charged monthly. Another option is the Sky Sport Now service, which gives the Sports channels a reduced price of $19.99/week / $39.99/month or $399/year. 

If you are not in New Zealand presently, you can still follow every game by using one of the best VPN services, such as Surfshark.

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Preview

Manchester City has secured seven points from nine after being held back by Newcastle in a 3-3 draw at St James’ Park. Although they are not in the first position, they have been far better and more impressive than their fellow rivals, Liverpool, Chelsea, and are still considered a favorite to win this year’s EPL title.

Man City v crystal palace

Manchester City had a friendly match with Barcelona during the week, but it was not the necessary preparation that Pep Guardiola needed for his side to play against Crystal Palace. With Riyad Mahrez scoring a last-minute goal, the match ended in a 3-3 draw at the Spotify Camp Nou. 

Crystal Palace is known to be a formidable opponent against big teams like Manchester City, and they would be at an advantage because they didn’t engage in any match during the week. Having lost their first match to Arsenal and drew Liverpool, Patrick Vieira would defend and attack strongly just like Newcastle defenders did in a bid to take 3 points off the incredible Manchester City team. Although the injury concerns ruling Zaha out is a devastating blow to Crystal Palace, Patrick Viera and his boys will be looking to grind out a result. 

It’s no news that since Pep Guardiola took charge, Manchester City has not been easy to defeat. They are known for winning most of their matches and scoring many goals. Most fans know the outcome of their games and are very surprised whenever they are defeated. Would Manchester City continue their unbeaten run or experience their first loss in the hand of Crystal Palace? Tune in to find out…


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