It’s no secret that the people of the UAE have highly restricted access to the internet. The government routinely monitors its residents’ activities on browsers as well as all internet-connected applications like Whatsapp and Skype. In a situation like this, protecting your privacy and maintaining anonymity while accessing restricted websites is only achievable through a reliable VPN service. 

Wondering which VPN service will be perfect for UAE? We got the ultimate list for you. Based on security, accessibility, and legality, we have selected the top 10 best VPNs in UAE, so read this article until the end.

Our Pick for the Best VPN UAE of 2022: NordVPN

The competition is tight, but we feel NordVPN is slightly ahead of its competitors, making it the best VPN in UAE of 2022.

Here are the standout features of NordVPN:

  • Nord has more than 5500 servers worldwide, of which 5 are based in the UAE. As a result, NordVPN’s speed and connectivity will be uncompromisable.
  • Nord’s automatic kill switch acts as a safety net to stop you from leaking any personal data in case the VPN encryption accidentally fails.
  • Its obfuscated servers mask your VPN traffic as HTTPS so that no one has a clue that you are using a VPN service. 
  • Whatever website you want to access, Nord will bring it to you. There is no censorship of any kind with this VPN service. 
  • The cherry on top is NordVPN’s excellent user experience, supportive customer care, and money-back guarantee.

Best VPN in UAE of 2022: Top 10

Before we delve into the details of each VPN provider, here is a quick glimpse of the 10 best VPNs for the UAE:

  1. Nord VPN: Best VPN in UAE Overall
  2. Express VPN: Top VPN for Whatsapp Calling in UAE 
  3. CyberGhost VPN: Perfect VPN in UAE for No-log Tracking
  4. Proton VPN: Known for VPN Accelerator
  5. Strong VPN: Must-have VPN for UAE for Added StrongDNS Feature
  6. IPVanish: Ideal for Responsive Customer Support
  7. Surfshark One: Best VPN for iPhone in Dubai and UAE
  8. Zenmate: Top VPN for PC
  9. Atlas VPN: Best Free VPN in UAE
  10. TorGuard: Perfect Pick for High-speed Connectivity

Best VPN in UAE: Compared

Considering the strict regulation surrounding internet activity in UAE, it’s important to choose a VPN service that will protect your online presence in the best way possible. Having given you the list of our top 10 UAE VPNs, it’s time we dive into the details of each of them, including their best features, pricing, advantages, and limitations.

1. Nord VPN: Best VPN in UAE Overall

Despite the strict laws and restrictions, Nord VPN has managed to get 5 active physical servers in UAE to offer uninterrupted internet access. They have divided their VPN services into two categories with regular servers and specialty servers. The latter comes with added benefits of double VPN, Onion Over Server, or P2P.

If you don’t want to identify your location as UAE, Nord VPN has more than 5500 servers all around the world. Just one click on their VPN map will take your IP to your desired location.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Nord VPN, one of the best VPNs for 2022:

  • P2P Sharing: Want the best speed and connection for peer-to-peer sharing? Nord offers several dedicated P2P servers for the exact same reason.
  • No Censorship: Whether you like it or not, UAE and its ISPs heavily monitor and restrict many websites. Your best way to bypass these restrictions and access any content you want is through Nord VPN.
  • Kill Switch: With Nord’s kill switch, you get an extra layer of protection. In case the VPN accidentally fails, the kill switch will immediately disconnect you, protecting you from leaving any trace behind.
  • Obfuscated Servers: VPN isn’t illegal in UAE, but the government is constantly shutting down these services. That’s why Nord masks your VPN encrypted traffic to HTTPS traffic so that no one can tell you are using a VPN.

More information about NordVPN:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Device Supported Money-back Guarantee
5000+ 60+ Starts at $3.67/month Upto 6 369 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux Within 30 days


  • Over 5500 servers worldwide 
  • Kill switch for extra protection
  • Masked VPN encrypted traffic
  • Adequate P2P servers 


  • Their OpenVPN is not user-friendly

2. Express VPN: Top VPN for Whatsapp Calling in UAE 

Express VPN is one of the most influential and powerful VPN services in the Middle East. Available in more than 94 countries, you can switch your IP’s location to anywhere in the world easily with this VPN tool. Setting up the tool takes only a few minutes and offers anonymous internet connectivity at lightning speed.

What makes their service even more flexible is that you can connect it with any type of device, be it your mobile, tab, or even your WiFi router. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Express VPN:

  • Non-trackable Payment: Along with all traditional payment formats, Express VPN also accepts Bitcoins which are more challenging to track than cards and bank transfers.
  • Private DNS: The VPN platform has its own private DNS to establish secure connections on the internet where you go.
  • Threat Manager: The online world is a breeding ground for threats. Hence, Express VPN has an expert threat management feature that prevents your websites from leaking information to any third-party server or tracker. 
  • Speed Test: No guessing or experimenting with multiple server locations to check which of them works best for you. The built-in speed test feature by Express VPN will show you the fastest server for your location beforehand.

More information about Express VPN:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Device Supported Money-back Guarantee
3000+ 94+ Starts at $12.95/month Up to 5 135 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers, Smart TV Within 30 days


  • Accepts Bitcoins for payments
  • Built-in speed testing
  • Private DNS for better security
  • Works with Public WiFi as well


  • Limited features compared to other options

3. CyberGhost VPN: Perfect VPN in UAE for No-log Tracking

When looking for VPN services in countries as strict as UAE, it is best to opt for industry leaders who know their way around all the stringent rules, like CyberGhost. This VPN provider (also among the best VPNs in Australia) has been in the industry for more than 15 years and has more than 8000 servers worldwide, out of which 12 are based in UAE, allowing them to offer better connectivity and speed.

In addition to being feature-rich, CyberGhost VPN also provides an excellent user experience by offering a 45-day money-back guarantee and a responsive customer support team ready to answer all your queries 24×7.


Best Features

Here is what we love about CyberGhost:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: CyberGhost is one of the few VPN services with free and unlimited bandwidth so that no amount of traffic can clog their servers.
  • Highly Encrypted: Each process that takes place within CyberGhost servers is highly encrypted with a high-security AES 256-encryption. Whether it’s your DNS or IP, nothing leaks in CyberGhost.
  • No-log Policy: CyberGhost has a strict no-log policy, meaning they neither allow third-party agencies to track your data nor record it themselves.
  • Versatile: The platform is highly versatile and can integrate with both Android & iOS and Windows & Mac. Also, you can connect up to 7 devices at the same time.

More information about CyberGhost VPN:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
8000+ 88+ Starts at $12.99/month Up to 7 10 Gbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Routers Within 14-45 days


  • Strict no-log policy 
  • 8000+ servers worldwide (12 in UAE)
  • Supports multiple device formats
  • High-security, leakproof encryption 


  • Limited payment options

4. Proton VPN: Known for VPN Accelerator

Proton VPN is one of the fastest-growing VPN services in the UAE. Currently, they have close to 8 servers in that region, all of which are based in Dubai, to offer high-speed internet with uncompromised security to everyone in the country.

Proton VPN has excellent P2P servers and allows you to unblock restricted content in just a few clicks. Our favorite feature of Proton VPN is its unlimited bandwidth that doesn’t suffer from traffic congestion.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Proton VPN:

  • VPN Accelerator: VPN accelerator is a feature unique to Proton VPN that can amp up your internet speed by 400% by reducing CPU limitations that process VPN protocols. 
  • Regular Audits: All of its applications are kept open and audited on time to ensure no outside party is trying to compromise the security of its servers. 
  • Personal Network: Proton VPN is based in Switzerland, and their core servers there are protected by strict laws and operated only through their personal network for maximum protection.
  • Forward Secrecy: Their carefully selected encryption cipher suites protect your encrypted data from being decrypted even if an attacker gets his hands on an encryption key.

More information about Proton VPN:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
1700+ 63+ Starts at 4.99 Euros/month Upto 10 10 Gbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Chromecast Within 30 days


  • Regular audits on all apps
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Operates on a personal network only
  • Forward secrecy for maximum protection


  • Does not block ads

5. Strong VPN: Must-have VPN for UAE for Added StrongDNS Feature

If you have been scouring the market for the best VPN services in UAE, chances are you have already heard of Strong VPN. After all, Strong VPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the country, enjoying one of the largest bases of loyal customers.

Setting up this VPN tool is pretty straightforward. Once you register an account and download the application, all that you have to do is choose your preferred server location. And from that moment on, all your personal browsing data will become unreadable to others. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Strong VPN:

  • No Logging: Being the reliable VPN service provider it is, Strong VPN does not keep any log of your browsing activities. Even if they are forced to show your secrets under government orders, they will have nothing on you.
  • Apps for All Platforms: Strong VPN has a dedicated application for all platforms; whether you have an Android, iOS or Mac, or Windows, they have you covered.
  • StrongDNS: All Strong VPN plans give you access to its Strong DNS feature. While VPN offers you anonymity, Strong DNS offers you better speed and location privacy.
  • Device Connection: Technically, Strong VPN can connect to 12 devices at a time, which is still impressive, but if you link it to a VPN router, you can link pretty much all the devices in your home at the same time. 

More information about Strong VPN:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
950+ 40+ Starts at $3.66/month Upto 12 71 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Smart TV Within 30 days


  • No logging policy
  • Connects up to 12 devices
  • Super easy to set up
  • Offers Strong DNS feature in every VPN plan


  • The interface is quite outdated

6. IPVanish: Ideal for Responsive Customer Support

IPVanish is another popular VPN service that protects your internet activity from snoopers and hackers as well as government agencies trying to track you. The platform is now also powered by WireGuard protocol, a state-of-art feature to supercharge your VPN speed, safety, and connectivity.

The best thing about IPVanish is that it connects with all devices easily. Whether you want it to protect your mobile devices when browsing on the go or set up a home unit with your router and WiFi hotspot, IPVanish will serve you equally well in both cases.


Best Features

Here is what we love about IPVanish:

  • 2000+ Servers: Since IPVanish has over 200+ servers in more than 75 countries, it is safe to say that you will enjoy not only high-speed internet but also the liberty to choose any server suitable for your location.
  • Shared IP Address: IPVanish has more than 40000 servers which are shared among all their subscribers so that no one can track your personal browsing details.
  • Encrypted Browsing: Each part of your browsing experience, be it movies, chat, online video conferencing, or plain browsing, is encrypted end-to-end with IPVanish.
  • 24×7 Support: IPVanish is one of the few VPN services to offer 24×7 live support to speedily resolve any queries you may have.

More information about IPVanish:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
2000+ 75+ Starts at $3.99/month Unlimited 488 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, ChromeOS, FireOS, routers Within 30 days


  • 4000 shared IP address
  • 24×7 support
  • 100% encrypted browsing
  • More than 2000 servers in 75+ countries


  • Needs to work on optimizing servers

7. Surfshark One: Best VPN for iPhone in Dubai and UAE

Surfshark One will always be one of the first names to come up as far as online security is concerned, be it through Antivirus or VPN. With its intuitive software design and easy setup, this platform is perfect for beginners to bypass government censorship and access any content they want without leaving a trail.

Another amazing feature of Surfshark One is its online breach detection tool that notifies you the moment you accidentally leak any of your personal information or if the VPN fails. It’s also one of the best VPNs in Singapore.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Surfshark One:

  • Email Protection: Get 100% information protection. Anytime your email ID pops up on breached online databases, they notify you so that you can take timely action. 
  • Credit Card Protection: Credit cards are the biggest targets of all hackers and malicious trackers. Protect them with Surfshark and get notified if you are in danger.
  • Unbiased Results: Since search engines won’t be able to track your location or personal information, you will get 100% unbiased results and be free from ad targeting.
  • No Travel Restrictions: You can access any website you want using SurfShark, even when traveling.

More information about Surfshark:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
3200+ 65+ Starts at $2.49/month 5-10 324 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linus, browsers Within 30 days


  • Easy to set up
  • Credit card protection
  • Email ID protection
  • Unbiased results


  • Unreliable customer support

8. Zenmate: Top VPN for PC

If you crave 360-degree security, try Zenmate. Its standout features are its versatility and ability to connect with a number of devices. Whatever type of device, operating system, or browser you use, Zenmate will protect all of your connections with its ultimate VPN service.

Currently, it has physical servers in over 81+ global locations, making it easier for all its users to access VPN services from anywhere in the world.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Zenmate:

  • Different VPNs for Different Needs: Zenmate understands that no single type of VPN can meet the needs of all internet users. That’s why it has an anonymous VPN to protect your identity online and a streaming VPN that gets you access to unlimited content at lightning speed.
  • Automated Kill Switch: The automated kill switch by Zenmate will ensure that in case the VPN protection fails, none of your data or browsing histories will be leaked.
  • Versatile Connections: Looking for a VPN service that connects to all your devices? Zenmate has you covered. Whatever device or browser you are on, Zenmate’s services remain uninterrupted. 
  • Student Discount: If you are a student or know someone who can purchase Zenmate’s services on your behalf, we have some good news for you. Zenmate offers a special student discount of up to 82% round the year. With this rebate, you can buy their 1-year plan at just $1.75. Even if you are not a student, it’d be a good idea to stick to Zenmate, as it likes to surprise its customers every now and then with lustrous offers.

More information about Zenmate:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
4500+ 81+ Starts at $1.51/month Unlimited 32 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browsers Within 30 days


  • Available in 81+ countries
  • Automated kill switch
  • Diverse VPN options
  • Student discount of up to 82%


  • Most features are non-customizable

9. Atlas VPN: Best VPN in UAE Free

While people with advanced technical knowledge might opt for high-end VPN services, for most of us, VPNs are all about easier setup and access. And what could be a simpler way to access VPN in UAE than through Atlas VPN.

It is the best free VPN for UAE. It works both for UAE citizens accessing international content and people abroad accessing local content. Along with other security protocols, Atlas VPN amps up your anonymity through shared IP addresses so that none of your online activity can be linked back to you. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Atlas VPN

  • Split Tunnelling: Using split tunneling, your private activities are routed through a VPN, whereas regular activities get direct access so that no one notices you are using VPN.
  • Data Breach Monitor: Atlas VPN’s intelligent data breach monitor notifies you the moment there is a possibility that your personal data might have been exposed online.
  • Instant Location Switch: Not sure if it’s safe to access a website from UAE? No worries. You can pick any location you want on Atlas VPN’s server for your IP.
  • Web Traffic Encryption: With AES 256 encryption, WireGuard protection, and secure VPN tunnels for your web traffic, there is a negligible chance of someone digging into your personal data.

More information about Atlas VPN:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
750+ 38+ Starts at $1.99/month Unlimited 97 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Within 30 days


  • Come with a free plan
  • Easy to get started with
  • Uses shared IP for added anonymity
  • Instantly switch location to any server of Atlas VPN


  • Does not work for Linux and routers

10. TorGuard: Perfect Pick for High-speed Connectivity

It’s an uphill task to access unbiased content online and browse whatever you want without constantly worrying about hackers, data trackers, and the ISP. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to all your internet privacy headaches, try TorGuard.

The best thing about TorGuard is there’s no financial commitment in getting started with their service. First, they offer you a free trial to acquaint you with the features and the VPN interface. After that, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like their service. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about TorGuard:

  • Stealth VPN: Along with the regular open VPN, TorGuard also gives you access to stealth VPN, which masks your VPN traffic as HTTPS to dodge automated firewall systems
  • Professional-grade Security: Loaded with pre-configured security systems like kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and leak blocker, no piece of your data can leave TorGuard’s VPN protection under any circumstances.
  • Fastest VPN: For just 50+ countries, TorGuard has installed over 3000 servers to ensure the bandwidth is never clogged with traffic, and you get the perks of the fastest VPN service.
  • Zero Censorship Browsing: UAE is loaded with online content restrictions. Surpass them all with TorGuard and access any website in the world.

More information about TorGuard:

Servers Countries Pricing Simultaneous Connections Speed Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
3000+ 45+ Starts at $9.99/month Upto 12 60 Mbps Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, OSX Within 7 days


  • Overload-free servers
  • No censorship whatsoever
  • Advanced-level security protocols
  • Seamless user experience


  • The plans are a tad too expensive

Best UAE VPN Services: Comparison

Below, we review the best VPNs in UAE and compare their cheapest plan price, devices supported, as well as whether they offer a free trial and a money-back guarantee.

Best UAE VPN Services Cheapest Plan Free Plan or Trial Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
Nord VPN Starts at $3.67/month Free trial Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux Within 30 days
Express VPN Starts at $12.95/month Free Trial Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers, Smart TV Within 30 days
CyberGhost VPN Starts at $12.99/month Free Trial Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Routers Within 14-45 days
Proton VPN Starts at 4.99 Euros/month Free Plan Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Chromecast Within 30 days
Strong VPN Starts at $3.66/month NA Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Smart TV Within 30 days
IPVanish Starts at $3.99/month NA Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, ChromeOS, FireOS, routers Within 30 days
SurfShark One Starts at $2.49/month Free Trial Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linus, browsers Within 30 days
Zenmate  Starts at $1.51/month Free Trial Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browsers Within 30 days
Atlas VPN Starts at $1.99/month Free Plan Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Within 30 days
TorGuard Starts at $9.99/month Both trial & plan Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, OSX Within 30 days

Do You Need a VPN in UAE and Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most well-connected nations, with over 99.2 percent of the population enjoying internet access as of 2019. Despite being one of the more progressive and liberal Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, UAE’s internet laws are a tad too stringent.

The United Arab Emirates uses Secure Computing to control the internet. Pornography, politically sensitive material, and anything against the UAE’s perceived moral ideals is prohibited by the country’s ISPs, du (telco), and Etisalat. 

Most, if not all, VoIP services are restricted. The UAE has also disabled Snapchat and WhatsApp calling features to comply with VoIP standards. TRA instructed du and Etisalat to block parts of Wikipedia, some social networking services like Friendster, and hi5, all dating sites like and Personals, and all VoIP services such as Skype and SIP-based services. 

Furthermore, while browsing the internet in the UAE, the government and tech behemoths such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter may track your online activities, interests, and search history. Your data can even be snooped on if you use public Wi-Fi. Using VPN services is a systematic way to get around internet censorship.

Why Use a VPN in UAE?

Here are a few reasons why to use a VPN in UAE:


Using a VPN to change your IP address protects your identity from web pages, apps, and services that would like to track you. Thanks to a layer of strong encryption, good VPNs also block your internet provider, mobile carrier, or anyone who may be eavesdropping on your activity.

Prevent Data Throttling

When you have exceeded your data limit, your ISP or internet provider will slow down your service. If you have a VPN, you’ll soon understand that one of its benefits is the ability to avoid data caps, especially since your ISP can’t see your data usage.

Secure Your Network

One of the most significant benefits of using VPN in UAE is the ability it provides to businesses to secure their network effectively. An application or website can track your online activity without your knowledge. They can then analyze the information and use it to try to reach you with ads. Without a VPN, you may encounter an influx of pop-up ads, disrupting your browsing experience and being outright annoying.

Download and Use Restricted Apps

The UAE government is a frontrunner in building telecom infrastructure. As a result, it does not want people making free phone calls. With a VPN, you may access blocked sites, browse the internet anonymously, and use services such as Viber, Facetime, and Skype from anywhere in Dubai.

Change Location

The internet houses limitless sources of entertainment and information, but these resources are not available to everyone. VPN enables users to skip geo-restrictions and access the internet from anywhere in the UAE via its remote servers. 

You will be given a new IP address that will make you appear to be in the country whose server you choose to connect: the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, or any other country where the VPN service has servers.

Are VPNs Legal in UAE?

The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority recently claimed regarding the use of VPNs that there are no laws forbidding the use of VPNs by corporate institutions, businesses, and banks to access their networks, as long as such VPN technology is not misused. 

This implies that you can use a VPN in the UAE if it adheres to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and UAE government guidelines. The UAE Cyber Law has laid down the severe consequences of using VPN technology illegally, including jail time.

What Is a VPN?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that safeguards your online privacy and internet connection by keeping your location (IP address) anonymous. It encrypts your data, covers your identity by masking your IP address, and enables you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots securely. The encryption happens in real-time, which makes it harder for third parties to track your online activities and steal information. 

How Do VPNs Work?

When you use a VPN to browse the web, the VPN app on your device creates a private connection with a VPN server. If you use a VPN to surf the web, the VPN server will be your data source. As a result, other third parties and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot see which online sites you visit or what files you send and receive online. 

A VPN functions as a filter, converting all of your data into gibberish, meaning that even if someone were to obtain your data, it’d be useless.

Are VPNs Safe?

VPNs are extremely safe, but only those that are reputable and trusted, such as NordVPN, ZenMate, TorGuard, Express VPN, and IPVanish. VPNs are becoming increasingly popular as more people become concerned about online privacy. As the VPN market expands to meet this demand, thousands of free VPNs promise to keep you safe and secure online at no cost whatsoever. 

Your internet traffic is redirected and routed through the VPN provider’s servers. If the provider so desires, it can monitor everything you do. As a result, you must have faith in your VPN service. Most VPN services do not store your data and do not log your activities.

However, some VPN services misuse the data that passes through their servers, selling it to advertisers. This is where VPNs become unsafe. 

For complete protection, it is critical to invest in an adept VPN, one that’s secure and includes features like a no-log policy, independent audit, and an Internet kill switch.

How to Use a VPN in UAE?

While running VPN services appear complicated, they are actually effortless to set up and even easier to operate. In this section, we will see how to set up a VPN in the UAE. 

*Note that we have taken Nord VPN as an example here. That said, almost all VPNs work on the same principle and involve more or less the same steps.*

Install the Nord VPN App or Visit its Website

Go to or download its app. 


Choose the Connection

Next, choose the subscription plan that best suits your requirements. You can run NordVPN on Windows, Linux, macOS, as well as iOS and Android devices. Moreover, up to six concurrent connections are permitted, and NordVPN can also be set up manually on home routers.


Configure the VPN

Leading VPN providers, such as NordVPN, provide simple VPN apps that do not require extensive technical knowledge. Install the VPN, enter your credentials, and you’re ready to go. You can also access the VPN settings to enable or disable additional features such as switch protocols and the Kill Switch.

Connect to a VPN Server

You can use NordVPN by clicking the “Quick Connect” button, and the software will find the best server for you. You can easily connect to a server of the country of your choice by clicking on that particular country on the map as shown below or by scrolling down the server list and selecting it.

How to Choose the Best VPN In UAE?

VPNs can be used for various purposes. Moreover, each provider offers at least one unique feature, making it difficult to zero in on the best VPN for your needs. But we have attempted to simplify it for you; here’s what you should look for in your UAE VPN:

The Kill Switch

Choose a VPN with a kill switch. This implies that in case your connection fails, the auto kill switch feature will disable all internet traffic and restrict your ISP from discovering your actual IP address. This way, you will stay anonymous in the UAE at all times.

Zero-logging Policy

Your privacy will be thrown out the window if your VPN does not have a zero-logging policy. You must ensure that the VPN provider you go with does not store your personal information.

Bandwidth and Performance Speed

VPNs in the UAE can be slow, making it difficult to stream video online. You must first test the VPN you are considering. Unlimited bandwidth should be a top priority if you value fast internet because it will free you from ISP speed limits.


If you want a VPN to protect your tablet, laptop, and phone, you will need a paid service that covers various devices. Many people buy their phones and laptops at different times, so we recommend you pick a VPN that can protect up to four to five devices at least, even if it’s not what you currently require.

Unblocking Abilities

Choose a VPN that can unblock location restrictions and all standard streaming services, such as Hulu or Netflix, if you want to access global content from the UAE.


The best VPNs are simple to use. The VPN you pick should not have too many steps after installation other than connecting to a server. Misconfigurations can lead to data leaks, so the best VPNs for UAE should not require additional actions from the end-user.

What Is the Best Free VPN For UAE? 

ProtonVPN is our top pick for the best free VPN for UAE. ProtonVPN, best known for its encrypted email service ProtonMail, broadens the company’s system security offerings with a well-rounded virtual private network that is dependable, fast, and secure. 

A large portion of the server network is housed in military-grade shelters, adding a physical layer of security. ProtonVPN employs security features such as Perfect Forward Secrecy, Secure Core, and highly secure data centers to prevent attackers from snooping on your activities. 

Furthermore, its free version can unblock Netflix. It also gives you access to geo-blocked content, allowing you to stream your favorite content from any UAE location. 

ProtonVPN is available on various devices and platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Chromebook, Linux, AndroidTV, and routers, to cater to your needs, irrespective of whether you work remotely or in an office.

 When it comes to VPNs, the more servers, the better because your proximity to a server enhances your internet speed. Thanks to ProtonVPN’s over 1,713 servers spread across 63 countries, you will be able to access hidden content without jeopardizing your identity or slowing down your internet speed or performance. Moreover, such dependable security is available for both individual and company use. 

What Is the Best Free VPN in UAE For WhatsApp Calling?

ExpressVPN ranks first among the best risk-free VPN providers for unblocking various websites and WhatsApp calling in the UAE. ExpressVPN has a large network, is fast and secure, supports torrents, unblocks Netflix and pretty much everything else, has no serious logging, and lastly, is simple to use. 

This provider has over 3000 servers spread across 120 locations and 94 countries. You will have no qualms about using it for security while in the UAE. Its apps are user-friendly, stable, and feature-rich. 

What’s more, it provides excellent speeds irrespective of where you are in the UAE, boasts of impeccable privacy and security features, and is one of the best for unblocking streaming sites.

Because of the provider’s no-logs policy, no history of your online activities would ever exist. An anonymous Bitcoin payment option is also available. 

Furthermore, ExpressVPN employs a proprietary “TrustedServer” technology that runs all server operations entirely from your device’s RAM, never writing any data to a physical hard drive. This means that every time the server reboots, all data is erased.

What Is the Best Free VPN for Android in UAE?

NordVPN is widely regarded as the best VPN for Android users in UAE. It is an industry leader, with its NordLynx protocol unblocking all restricted content, including those of YouTube, Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+, allowing you to watch your favorite movies and shows while in the UAE.

NordVPN is secure and simple to use. To use NordVPN, you must first install its app or extension on your device and choose the country to whose server you want to connect. NordVPN encrypts customer data with the most advanced 256-bit AES encryption with GCM. 

To protect your privacy, Nord has a strict no-log policy. If your VPN connection fails, an automatic kill switch will step in to protect your data. All in all, NordVPN is an excellent choice for individuals and enterprises due to its user-friendly and intuitive website and app and comprehensive set of features.

What Is the Best Free VPN for iPhone in UAE?

Some users searchng for “Best VPN for iPhone free” in the UAE would be glad to know that Surfshark is the best free VPN for iPhone in Dubai and the UAE. With Surfshark, you can enjoy an easy-to-use iOS app with over 3200 servers in 95 locations. You also get unlimited simultaneous connections, so your entire family can use it on their respective iPhones.

Surfshark’s features include split tunneling, GPS spoofing, SmartDNS, the fast WireGuard protocol, and P2P-optimized servers. Moreover, Surfshark constantly releases new updates and features, the latest one being a graphic interface for Nexus and Linux.

What’s more, Surfshark also has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and now Edge, and a website unblocking the Smart DNS system for smart TVs, game consoles, and other devices. 

How to Watch American Shows Online in UAE?

The entertainment industry is no longer restricted by geographical boundaries, which is quite evident from the growing number of Hollywood fans in the UAE. Video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are seeing a growing number of requests for American shows in the UAE and other countries of the region. 

Unfortunately, there is always a time lag between the actual airing of the seasons and the time the episodes make it to the UAE extension of these video streaming platforms. This is true for even the most popular American TV shows like:

  • Brooklyn 99
  • Young Sheldon
  • Manifest
  • Suits
  • Euphoria

All of these shows enjoy tremendous popularity in UAE, but unfortunately, the UAE residents don’t often get to watch them instantly. Thankfully, there are a few ways to surpass the geographical time lag and access your favorite shows in real-time.

First, you need to pick an adept video streaming platform. You can stick to the popular ones like Netflix or Amazon Prime or go for free websites like Then, you need to choose a reliable VPN service to bypass the location restriction.

Here is how to watch American TV shows and channels in UAE: 

  • Choose your VPN Service. We recommend NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or SurfShark One.
  • Download and set up the VPN service on your phone or desktop and choose a location where the show is available. 
  • Run the video streaming app and connect it with your VPN.
  • By now, all the shows you were hoping to see should be unblocked.
  • If this does not work, try removing the cache and try again.

How to Watch British Shows Online in UAE?

Hollywood and American TV shows aren’t the only ones that enjoy the attention of UAE viewers. British shows are equally dominant among the UAE audience, who simply can’t get enough of the gripping storylines and brilliant cinematography. 

Some of the popular British shows in UAE are:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Sex Education
  • The Time Traveller’s Wife
  • Doctor Who
  • Becoming Elizabeth

If you remember, Peaky Blinders’ sixth season first aired on BBC, which is unfortunately unavailable in UAE. That’s why the UAE fans had to wait till June 10 for Netflix to stream the series in the UAE. Now, you might not want to wait that long for every series, right? That’s why you need a VPN service to bypass location restrictions. 

Here is how to watch British TV shows and channels in Dubai & UAE: 

  • Choose the video streaming platform you want to run the show on.
  • Select any VPN service of your choice like NordVPN or Express VPN.
  • Once you are done configuring the application, run your video streaming platform and connect the two.
  • If you have selected the right location, the blocked shows should be shown in your feed now. If not, refresh, remove the cache, and try again.

Conclusion: What is the Best VPN for Dubai & UAE in 2023?

There’s no denying that there are tons of good VPNs to choose from, ten of which we talked about today! With over 5000 servers in over 60 countries and a base price of around $3.5 per month, we declare NordVPN to be the best VPN UAE of 2022. 

Why NordVPN, you ask? It has P2P sharing that ensures maximum speed, no kind of censorship on any content worldwide, a prompt kill switch to save your privacy in case of VPN failure, and last but not least, obfuscated servers.


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