If you’re running a business, you already know how crucial phone systems are. They’ve remained one of the fundamental ways to connect and establish communication within and outside the company. However, the rapid evolution of technology is making traditional landlines obsolete, and Hosted VoIP systems are replacing them.

Hosted VoIP providers supply businesses with cloud-based telephone networks. But that’s not all they can do. These systems also help companies improve their efficiency, cut costs, work remotely, and more.

If you’re interested in finding a hosted VoIP provider for your business, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses VoIP hosted services, explores their features, and offers a list of the top 10 best systems on the market. Stick around!

Top 10 Hosted VoIP Services for 2023

VoIP hosted PBX solutions are becoming increasingly popular — as a result, the market is currently crowded with providers. Researching and testing all available options can be a long and tedious task. Luckily, you won’t have to do it alone. Our team of experts is here to assist you.

They’ve combed the web and selected the best hosted VoIP PBX tools that should be analyzed further. The set of criteria they’ve checked these solutions against include ease-of-use, feature offer, pricing, and others. Only ten providers have passed these rigorous tests and made it onto our top VoIP hosted systems list. You can see them below.

  1. Vonage — Best hosted VoIP service overall
  2. Ooma — Top hosted VoIP for small businesses
  3. RingCentral Office — Outstanding feature-rich hosted VoIP
  4. MightyCall — Hosted VoIP service with the best customer support
  5. Nextiva — Best easy-to-use hosted business VoIP solution
  6. DialPad — Great staffing agency hosted VoIP
  7. Intermedia Unite — Amazing hosted VoIP system for remote teams
  8. 4Com — Excellent phone system offering a hosted VoIP phone device
  9. BT — Top hosted VoIP system for mid- to large-sized businesses
  10. 8×8 — Great hosted VoIP provider with affordable plans

Best Hosted VoIP Services for 2023 — Reviewed

Now that you are acquainted with our top 10 best hosted VoIP solutions, it’s time to learn more about them. The following sections comprise detailed reviews of each tool, discuss their features, and list their pros and cons. Read all the reviews, consider the providers’ offers and prices, and choose the one that suits your business best.

1. Vonage — Best Hosted VoIP System Overall

Vonage is the best hosted VoIP overall

The Vonage VoIP hosted phone system offer is the best on the market. It’s also the best VoIP app. The firm has gone through several rebrandings, and it has notably evolved with each one. Today, Vonage ranks first on our top 10 list, thanks to its extensive experience in the field, wide offer of services and features, and good pricing plans.

It is a hosted VoIP service that packs all communication and collaboration features into a simple and minimalistic design. You won’t have to deal with hardware or complex setup processes. Its web and mobile-optimized apps can turn any device you use into a softphone in a few simple steps. The interface is quite intuitive, and you’ll find that all the important tabs are right at your fingertips — from administration to reporting. Vonage is also amongst the best WiFi VoIP services.

All Vonage pricing plans include unlimited messaging and calling, as well as a free video-conferencing feature. It even has built-in fail-safe tools that reduce the possibility of data loss or call dropping. So, your team will be available at all times, no matter where they are. 

On top of these features, this business hosted VoIP also supports a ton of useful integrations. You can count on apps like Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Oracle, Slack, Salesforce, Zoho, and many others.

Vonage implements tight security measures and complies with GDPR, PCI, and FCC requirements. If you happen to have any issues with this hosted VoIP, its friendly customer support will be at your disposal. 

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
(1-year contract)
  • User-friendly apps
  • High call quality
  • App center
Unlimited High $19.99


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Numerous handy features
  • Plenty of great integrations
  • Tight security measures
  • 24/7 US-based support


  • No free trial

2. Ooma — Best Hosted VoIP for Small Businesses

Ooma is great for small businesses

Ooma is another famous name on the hosted VoIP solutions scene. It’s also one of the best VoIP business phone services on the market today. Its pricing plans and offer of features and services make it one of the most common choices for smaller businesses. 

The first thing that stood out to us when we tested Ooma was its ease of use. You’ll get the hang of it fast, even if you’ve never used hosted VoIP providers before. Adding users and extensions takes no more than a couple of minutes. However, you don’t have to worry even if you get stuck. Ooma has extensive tutorials on how to use this app and a reliable support center that can help.

This hosted business VoIP is highly customizable, so you can easily adapt it to your company’s needs. You can adjust how long you’d like your phones to ring, create several virtual receptionist recordings, host company-wide speed dials, and much more.

Ooma is also one of the cheapest VoIP phone services and boasts a solid set of features. You and your team will be able to receive and place calls and SMS messages, set up video conferences, keep voice call transcriptions, and more. One of the best Ooma features is its Ring Group tool. It allows you to organize extensions and contact multiple devices at once. The tool automatically switches between devices it’s calling if they don’t respond.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
Omma Office Essentials

(1-year contact)

  • 50+ features
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Ring Groups
Unlimited High $19.95


  • Well-designed apps
  • Simple interface
  • Customizable features
  • Ring Group tool
  • Flexible customer support


  • Some advanced tools missing

3. RingCentral Office — Hosted VoIP With the Best Set of Features

RingCentral has fantastic features

RingCentral Office comes fourth on our top 10 best VoIP hosted solutions list for a number of reasons. However, it’s best-known for its wide array of useful services, features, and tools.

The app includes everything any organization could possibly need from a hosted VoIP PBX. It boasts excellent voice and video software, a good auto-attendant system, a quality company directory, reporting and analytics tools, and much more. These features are designed to work well with one another. For instance, users can switch between voice and video calls seamlessly. They can also find tutorials related to many of the RingCentral-available tasks that will help them stay on track with their work.

One of the most impressive features RingCentral offers is its AI component. The company started using artificial intelligence to automate meeting transcription and analyze conversations. Both features come with many benefits. For instance, the former can help hearing-impaired people follow the meeting more comfortably, whereas the latter can recognize speakers based on their voiceprints and provide detailed reports on speech patterns.

You won’t lack add-ons if you decide to use this business hosted VoIP either. Its members have access to apps like Salesforce, Service Now, Jira, Okta, GitHub, and many others. Thanks to its comprehensive range of features, it’s also one of the best VoIP home phone UK.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user

(1-year contract)

  • Call management and administration
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Team messaging
Unlimited calls to the US and Canada High $19.99


  • Feature-packed
  • User-friendly
  • AI-backed tools
  • Quality integrations
  • Various pricing plans


  • No support services in the basic plan

4. MightyCall — Hosted VoIP Business With the Best Customer Service

MightyCall has excellent customer support

Founded in 2013, MightyCall is still a fairly young company in comparison to its competitors. It’s not as widely known as the other brands we’ve reviewed. Nevertheless, this hosted VoIP business sits halfway through our top 10 list for a reason. It has the best customer support service you can find online.

MightyCall, one of the best VoIP for small businesses, offers a highly functional and comprehensive website. It’s packed with information on various areas related to hosted VoIP systems. You can find answers to your questions by using the search bar or skimming the available information in the Help sections. On top of that, the app offers a friendly and easy-to-reach customer support service. The internet is full of glowing reviews on MightyCall’s support agents, so you have nothing to worry about. You can contact them using email, live chat, or phone. 

Great support is not the only trick this hosted VoIP provider has up its sleeve. MightyCall has tools that allow voice and conference calls, text messaging, voicemail, call forwarding and recording, scheduling, and more. It also supports several great integrations like Zapier, Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Gmail, and so on.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
Small Team

(1-year contract)

  • Toll-free numbers
  • Call flow
  • Performance reports
1,000 minutes

1,000 texts

Standard $12


  • Fantastic customer support
  • Solid number of features
  • Good extensions
  • CRM platforms integrations
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • No screen sharing features

5. Nextiva — Best Easy-to-Use Hosted VoIP

Nextiva is easy to use

Nextiva is an Arizona-based self-hosted VoIP company that has a lot going for it. Its offer of features, unlimited data, integrations, and customer service plays a huge part in its popularity. However, its user-friendliness is what takes the cake.

It’s clear from Nextiva’s functionality that its designers have made sure it would fit all types of users. You won’t waste any time setting up or learning how to use this platform. The interface is quite intuitive, and the layout is very simple. Its tools are organized into sections depending on their category. So, you’ll immediately know where to go when you need to handle communication, service, or sales-related tasks.

This hosted PBX VoIP solution is highly reliable, too. It boasts a 99.999% uptime, and it hasn’t reported any outages for the last two years. Plus, it offers a customer support team round the clock, which is a rare find in the industry. 

Finally, Nextiva also features some handy tools. You’ll get unlimited calls within the US and Canada, unlimited internet fax, toll-free numbers, screen and file sharing, voicemail, and so on.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user

(36-month agreement)

  • Toll-free numbers
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Voicemail
Unlimited Standard $18.95


  • User-friendly apps
  • Impressive uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Various useful tools
  • Solid integrations


  • SMS limits for higher-level plans

6. DialPad — Best Staffing Agency Hosted VoIP

DialPad is a great staffing agency hosted VoIP

DialPad is among the juggernauts of the business world. Even though it would work well for various businesses, its’ offer of features makes it the best VoIP hosted services app for staffing agencies. 

This hosted business VoIP platform is designed to make management processes as easy and convenient as possible. The apps allow you to finish all basic management tasks in a few simple steps. The admin portal provides all the options managers need to add new members to the system, assign them to calls, or give them permission to use integrated apps.

DialPad has many tools that can help facilitate more efficient and effective hiring, too. One of the best ones is called DialPad Talk. The tool allows team members to place and receive business calls from any place and device they want. It uses AI technology to make notes and recognize and record candidates’ sentiments during the call.

Apart from these benefits, the users of this VoIP hosted phone system can also take advantage of several integrations. DialPad works with Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, Zapier, Zendesk, and others.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user

(1-year plan)

  • AI-powered calls and voicemail transcription
  • Web and chat support
  • Google and Microsoft 365 integrations
Unlimited Standard $15


  • Straightforward design
  • Tool-packed apps
  • AI-boosted features
  • Handy integrations
  • Competitive prices


  • Limited features for lower-tier plans

7. Intermedia Unite — Hosted VoIP System for Remote Teams

Intermedia Unite is perfect for remote teams

Intermedia Unite is another hosted VoIP provider on our list with a long track record in the telecommunication industry. Regardless of its age, it’s far from obsolete — in fact, it remains a company that follows trends and keeps all its features up to date. So, it’s not surprising it has earned a reputation as one of the best hosted VoIP solutions for remote teams.

Intermedia Unite offers excellent mobile and web apps that are compatible with many devices. So, your remote team members can use whatever phones or computers they have at home and switch between them to do their daily tasks. They’ll be able to use the apps to handle a variety of assignments. In addition, they can place and receive voice and video calls and texts, schedule and launch meetings and conferences, record and transcribe conversations, and more.

Your remote team can also make the most of the integrations this hosted VoIP phone system supports. They’ll have full access to various well-known platforms, from Microsoft to Salesforce. For example, they will get to make and receive calls through Microsoft Teams, schedule meetings through Microsoft Office, build on their customer relationships with Slack and Zendesk or manage projects with Zoho.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
Unite Pro
(1-year contract)
  • Auto-attendant
  • SPAM call blocking/tagging
  • Free phone
Unlimited calls Solid $27.99 


  • Intuitive interface
  • Flexible apps
  • Good set of features
  • Impressive integrations


  • Hard-to-reach support
  • Bandwidth issues

8. 4Com — Best Phone System Offering a Hosted VoIP Phone Device

4Com has excellent phone offer

4Com is one of the most popular hosted VoIP systems based in the UK. The company was launched in 1999 and has been listed as one of the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For several times in a row. Besides these accolades, 4Com boasts one of the best portable and customizable business phones.

4Com has plenty of qualities, but the most notable one is the way it offers its services. You can only get access to this system through its hosted VoIP phone series called HiHi. These are tablet devices with docking stations. You and your team can use items on the go and or at your desks.

HiHi gives its users the same options other hosted VoIP solutions do. You can chat, make and receive voice and video calls, record them, get reports on them, and so forth. It comes with unique, built-in apps called HiHi Connect and HiHi There. They can help your team communicate and stay in the loop with the latest developments more easily. Apart from them, HiHi can also hold social media apps or customer relationship management tools your business uses.

This hosted VoIP also offers customized pricing plans and excellent customer support available 24/7.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
N/A Solid Available on request


  • Hosted VoIP phone device
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Customized pricing plans
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Small number of features
  • Limited amount of storage

9. BT — Best Hosted VoIP System for Mid- to Large-Sized Businesses

BT is good for medium and large businesses

BT is the hosted VoIP company that concludes our top 10 list. It’s been on the market since 2003, and during this time, it has gathered enough experience to successfully service mid- and large-sized businesses.

Like most providers we’ve reviewed so far, BT offers several apps designed to work on various devices. So, you can receive phone calls regardless of what you are using — whether it’s your laptop, mobile, or desktop computer. 

BT’s best features are its 3-way call tools and automatic call routing. The former can help you keep in touch with your employees and customers or create call conferences. The latter can assist you in managing your schedule and workload more efficiently. It’ll automatically route calls to other members of your team or to voicemail when you’re busy.

This firm also offers a service no other hosted VoIP on our list does — a local business expert’s help. Businesses that are growing face a lot of challenges. So, they can benefit from hiring BT’s local experts to guide them through the modern business landscape and help them stay on top of their game.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
  • Automated route calling
  • 3-way calls
  • Local business expert’s help
N/A Solid Available on request


  • Flexible apps
  • Unique tools and features
  • Local business expert
  • Solid security measures


  • No advanced tools
  • Customer support hard to reach

10. 8×8 — Top Affordable Hosted VoIP Provider 

8x8 has affordable plans

8×8 is a hosted VoIP business that’s been around for a while. Its long-standing experience has helped this company grow in many areas. However, its affordable plans remain its best feature. It’s also one of the best 800 number providers in the industry.

If you’re looking for a cheaper VoIP hosted PBX, 8×8’s basic plan might be the perfect match. For only $15 a month per user, you can get everything your business may need. The list includes unlimited messaging and voice and video calls, content sharing, multi-site support, meeting recording and transcription, multi-level auto attendant, and more.

However, this is not the only plan this self-hosted VoIP offers. It also has other high-level packages with more features and services. So, you can remain an 8×8 user as your business scales rather than having to search for another tool.

This VoIP hosted solution has both mobile and desktop apps compatible with various devices. They’re easier to set up than ever before, and all of them boast the same set of features and offer an equally comfortable user experience. You can now initiate video calls and set up meetings. Plus, you can use the call-flip feature from the mobile app. There’s also an option to share voicemails and get notified about call quality.

8×8 is also one of the best hosted business VoIP services because of its integrations. Add-ons like Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory allow default SCIM support. You can also get access to corporate identity management systems, team messaging systems, APIs for accessing videos, SMSs, analytics, and more.

Plan and highlights Data per month Speed tier Monthly cost per user
X1 tier

(No contract)

  • Visual voicemail
  • Advanced call management
  • Content and file sharing
Unlimited  High $15


  • Cost-effective pricing plans
  • Easy setup process
  • No contracts
  • Excellent mobile and desktop clients
  • Plenty of integrations 


  • Lacks productivity features

Hosted VoIP Service Providers: Comparison

To give you a better overview of the VoIP hosted services we’ve reviewed, we’ve ranked them in a table. It comprises information on their pricing, key features, free trial availability, and our overall rating. Take a look at all the data, compare it, and find the best provider for your business.

Hosted VoIP company Starting Price Key Features Free Trial Our Rating
Vonage $19.99
  • User-friendly apps
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Numerous useful features and integrations
N/A 4.55 out of 5
Ooma $19.95
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Ring Groups
  • 50+ features
N/A 4.32 out of 5
RingCentral Office $19.99
  • AI-powered tools
  • Call management and administration
  • Numerous features and integrations
15 days 4.00 out of 5
MightyCall $12
  • Outstanding customer support
  • CRM platform integrations
  • Free domestic and international numbers
7 days 3.83 out of 5
Nextiva $18.95
  • User-friendly apps
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Outlook/Google Contacts integrations
7 days 3.60 out of 5
DialPad $15
  • AI-backed call and voicemail transcriptions
  • Advanced integrations
  • Well-designed apps
14 days 3.39 out of 5
Intermedia Unite $27.99
  • Free phone
  • Flexible apps
  • Call recording and reporting
N/A 3.10 out of 5
4Com Available on request
  • Hosted VoIP phone device
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customized pricing plans
N/A 2.99 out of 5
BT Available on request
  • 3-way calling and automated call routing
  • Local business expert’s help
  • High-security protocols
N/A 2.81 out of 5
8×8 $15
  • Advanced call management
  • No contracts
  • Affordable plans
30 days 4.10 out of 5

What Is a Hosted VoIP Service?

A hosted VoIP stands for voice-over-internet protocol. It represents a technology that transmits calls through the internet rather than through traditional analog phone networks. It offers everything traditional phones do, plus a few additional features.

A hosted VoIP PBX allows you to make and receive calls while on the go as long as you have an internet connection. You can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other dedicated hardware to do your business. These systems’ offers of services expand past simple voice calls. Namely, you can also make video calls, launch meetings, route, record, and transcript calls, and much more. 

How Does Hosted VoIP Work?

Hosted VoIP solutions work in a similar way to traditional phones. However, instead of the grid of copper cables and telephone exchanges, VoIPs use the internet. They convert calls into digital signals and send and receive them on the world wide web.

The best internet phone services are as easy to use as regular phones. They require little to no maintenance and provide the same or better call quality than traditional phones.

What Are the Benefits of a Hosted VoIP?

As we’ve mentioned above, hosted VoIP’s suite of services comprises more than simply making and receiving voice calls. This technology has upstaged traditional phone systems in many areas. You can learn about the most important benefits that hosted VoIP providers bring to the table in the following sections.


Analog landlines require you to invest money in equipment, hire someone to install it, and pay for maintenance. On top of that, you have to pay a telephone company to be able to make calls. Using VoIP hosted solutions involves none of these expenses. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a West Frankfurt IL hosted VoIP or any other provider — all you need is a device connected to the internet. You’ll get access to all the same features analog phone networks offer, and then some. Plus, you’ll pay significantly less for the entire service in the long run.

Ease of Use

Even though the technology behind hosted VoIP systems is complex, these tools are designed with simplicity in mind. They don’t differ from any other apps your business uses daily. The best ones feature simple interfaces and straightforward layouts. You’ll be able to find all you need in a single panel and start using the service as soon as it’s installed. 


VoIP systems use the latest technology to keep you protected online regardless of where you are. You could be using a Herrin IL hosted VoIP provider or any other VoIP out there. Quality solutions, like the ones in our top 10 list, encrypt all your calls and messages. They also use firewalls and other types of security protocols to stop third parties from eavesdropping or tampering with the messages. So, you can be sure your data will be safe and sound.

Customer Service

Support is another aspect that all good VoIP systems include, even if they’re small business hosted VoIP providers. You won’t have to pay for maintenance or hire professionals to repair your system. Customer service is part of the package. It’s there to handle all questions and solve problems you may have. 

Unified Communications

With a hosted VoIP phone system, you can enjoy the benefits of unified communications. Your business will get access to a wide range of tools you wouldn’t be able to use without a VoIP system. UC places features like instant messaging, video calls, content sharing, and many others in a single interface and makes them easily accessible.

Who Uses a Hosted VoIP?

An increasing number of companies around the world have already started using VoIP hosted systems. Besides the benefits we’ve discussed above, there are a few more reasons businesses opt for them. Let’s look at some of the most important ones below.

Growing Businesses

A hosted VoIP is a great choice for growing businesses. These systems are more affordable than traditional phone networks, and they often come with a free trial. You can test the system for free, sign up for a basic plan, and add more features as your business develops over time. If you’re new to the business world, hosted VoIP phone systems for small businesses NH might be a perfect way to start your journey. They can streamline your daily tasks and help you establish better relationships with your clients.

Businesses That Work Remotely

Companies that work remotely don’t have the option of installing a traditional phone system in their offices. So, the best and most efficient way their team members can stay connected with one another and their clients is via a hosted VoIP system. There are many ways VoIP streamlines your remote team efficiency. You can read about some of the most important ones in our Intermedia Unite review above.

Businesses Following Trends

Technological advances are slowly eradicating analog telephone networks. Experts expect them to completely disappear in the near future. Companies trying to stay on top of their game are making changes today. A large number of businesses have switched to hosted VoIP solutions in the last couple of years, and we can only expect this number to grow with time.

Difference Between On-Premises VoIP Servers and a Hosted VoIP

An on-premise VoIP is a system hosted on the local server. All calls that the system enables go through that server over a dedicated voice network connection. The system also relies on physical hardware — the equipment located in the offices of the business using it. An on-premises VoIP is the solution that larger companies with high communication needs use.

A hosted VoIP is a cloud-based system. Rather than a local server, hosted VoIPs use the provider’s server to enable calls. They don’t require you to install specific equipment or pay for maintenance of the system. Your provider takes care of all those tasks for you.

How We Evaluated the Best Hosted VoIP Services

As discussed in the beginning, our team of experts used a fixed set of criteria to compile our top 10 best hosted VoIP list. Here’s what those criteria are and why we’ve relied on them.


Ease-of-use is one of the first boxes we make sure to tick when analyzing a business hosted VoIP platform. Since you and your employees will use this system daily, it must have an intuitive interface and a simple layout. Moreover, its admin portal should be straightforward and its tools need to be easy to find.


Features come second on our list of criteria for choosing the best VoIP platforms. Both big and small business hosted VoIP companies offer features and tools. We look at their variety and functionality when analyzing providers, and we make sure they all fulfill your business’s basic needs. On top of that, we check how they perform on different devices and how consistent that performance is across different apps. You can do the same when choosing the perfect platform for you.


Security is a non-negotiable quality regardless of whether you’re searching for Seattle, WA, Austin, TX, or Marion IL VoIP providers. We made sure all VoIP companies on our list use the latest technology and implement strict security measures to keep you safe.


Support is another factor we never overlook when testing technology like a hosted VoIP. It’s the only source of help you have when using VoIPs. You cannot hire a professional to fix your problems like you would with traditional phone systems. That’s why we made sure our top 10 solutions have friendly customer service. Some of them even offer 24/7 support through multiple channels.


Prices are the final criterion we’ll discuss here. Hosted VoIP services can seem too expensive to use if you don’t do proper research. That’s why we’ve looked for providers that offer quality services, various pricing plans, and free trials. This way, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the solution that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Hosted VoIP?

Our thorough research and detailed analysis have helped us single out 10 great hosted VoIP solutions. However, one of them excelled in every single category. Of course, we’re referring to Vonage.

Vonage offers user-friendly apps, unlimited messaging and calling, call flipping and monitoring, toll-free numbers, video conferencing, voicemail, and more. Plus, it has excellent uptime, good pricing plans, and friendly support. Don’t wait! Try it now, and you’ll thank us later!


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