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Be it Christmas, Independence Day, Easter, or any other event, Google updates its doodle to give it a more customized look as per the event. The leveraging of animation by the 4th largest tech company in the world in terms of revenue highlights the importance of animation in today’s world. Being the leading and most preferred search engine globally, Google makes sure to come up with new ideas and use strategies that make it more memorable and likable among its audience. Whether it is 2D animation, explainer video, or any other form of animation, Google just happens to leverage it to the fullest.

But the question arises, Why? It is because animation videos are the next big thing on the social media and marketing side. Every business and/or brand tends to create new ideas, strategies, even services and policies to make sure their customers remember them. And therefore, what can be a better way to stay connected to your customers than animation videos. Let’s see how?

How Animation Videos Impact Business – Customer Relation

Research highlights videos improve information retention by as much as 95% than any written text, which has a rate of 10%. This means that having an animated video to explain any topic, advertise your company or simply interact with your customers tends to have a significant impact on them rather than any written texts.

Let’s be honest, watching an animated video reminds us of the good old times of our childhood. Well, that’s the best thing about these videos; they make us feel nostalgic. Having an emotional connection and a simplified way of explaining various concepts or incorporating a little bit of fun helps business attract their social media audience, ultimately retaining their customers.

Other than better customer relations and retention, there are several reasons why you should go for animated videos to be a part of your social media strategy. Scroll down to read more.

Animation Videos are Just… Fun!

As the saying goes, doing what interests you most improves your productivity and your work quality. Similarly, watching something that might be important and informative, but it’s not interesting and makes you feel sleepy, then it is a big NO. Animation videos, in this regard, have a better advantage, which is they are always fun to watch, whether they’re 3D or 2D animation videos.

Connecting with your customers over social media through animation videos helps you in creating a positive outlook about your business and improves as well as positively impacts the online visibility of your company. This further allows these videos for a greater explanation of the simpler or complex ideas and makes learning and understanding easier.

It allows greater involvement and attention span of viewers by ultimately improving the relatability with the content. For this purpose, most animated videos make use of the whiteboard to explain concepts and ideas.

Animation Videos are Multitaskers

With a creative approach and out-of-the-box ideas, you can fit animation videos in any and every way into your social media marketing strategy. Whether as explainer videos, advertisements, story-telling, or any other purposes, you can use animation videos in any possible way – for any possible reasons.

Along with that, animated videos are also suitable for all the different social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, due to its increasingly supportive way of creating content and professional plus fun way of improving customer reach.

Pro Tip: Generally, animation videos are timed between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, making an animation video short, simplified, and targeted.

Animation Videos Allow Flexibility

One of the major drawbacks of conventional videos, which is significantly absent in animated videos, is that in case of any alterations required, the video would go for a complete 360° change. Animation videos in this regard allow businesses to update and alter the videos as per their requirements and business nature.

In terms of content, animated videos provide greater flexibility and freedom to content creators in explaining any sort of concept using as much different characters as they wish. This allows content creators and animators to cover a wide range of topics to improve their business marketing and customer reach.

With a continuously growing number of tools and platforms that support animation videos, around 90% of B2B businesses have started to opt for animation video marketing as a significant change in their marketing strategy, that too for good.

Animation Videos are Mobile-Friendly

Browsing the internet, surveying websites, shopping online, or spending time on social media, people have become more dependent on using their mobile phones than any other devices. This, in turn, requires content creators, animators, and online ventures to ensure that their social media marketing strategy remains responsive and suits the screen size of their viewer’s mobile phones.

Animation videos, in this case, are the go-to social media content that has better suitability on mobile phones and are one of the major reasons for the growing mobile traffic, making up to nearly 80%. With the extensive use of mobile phones to excess social media and stay connected during covid-19, the animation videos have become the leading marketing tool in 2020.

Last but definitely not least…

Animation Videos are Light on Your Pockets

The sole purpose of having a social media strategy, marketing plan, or any kind of business plan is to ensure that you perform well in your competitive market and among your target audience really well by maintaining your budget.

The good news is that opting for animation videos helps you achieve that target sales viewers or customer goals by ensuring that your budget finances are not hit hard. Including animation videos in your social media strategy makes you ponder about, only and only, the software you might need to create and edit videos, and you are all geared up.

Additionally, with all the above-mentioned benefits, including animation videos in your marketing strategy can undoubtedly serve as a reliable, attractive, and trending idea to make your place among your competitors.

In a nutshell,

Animated videos have become part and parcel of the online world in recent times. Depending on the nature of the business, companies are not only incorporating it to promote and market their business but also to include a fun element to the functionalities. If you wish to attain a leading position in your competitive market, an animation video is all you need.