Can marketers achieve successful Video Marketing ‘in-house’?

A recent Video Marketing survey of over 50,000 US and international B2B marketers confirms both its effectiveness and how achieving professional results continues to evade ‘in-house’ content creators. The in-depth Ascend2 report sought to explore how businesses were using Video Marketing and how effective they found the medium.

Most significantly, 87% of businesses reported the increasing effectiveness of video as a marketing tool, whilst 47% continue to use Video Marketing to build brand awareness.

Interestingly, Customer Testimonials ranked highest as the type of video, marketers feel is the ‘most effective’ content. However, and somewhat ironically, it was remarked that Customer Testimonials were also the most difficult videos to create. Conversely, video blogs, event and webinar videos, although ranking fairly low in effectiveness, were considered the easiest to create ‘in-house’.

Marketers also confessed a ‘lack of an effective Video Marketing strategy’ was their ‘most challenging obstacle’. Other factors restricting communication was a shortage of compelling content, limited budgets and a technical inability to produce the content. A lack of production kit goes someway to explain why 92% of companies outsource all or part of their video content creation, whilst 8% claim to produce all content in-house.

Final thoughts:

As the use of Video Marketing continues to thrive within organisations, it’s essential that marketers consider the audience, distribution channel and objective before creating and deploying content. More often than not, sharing poor content can have a detrimental effort on brand perception and marketing efforts (not to mention valuable time potentially wasted).

Arguably, whilst ‘in-house content’, developed for blogs, events and webinars, will serve to build and develop your video marketing arsenal, stories and Promotional Video messages that support your organisation or brand, (i.e. homepage videos and customer testimonials) should really be a more considered purchase or creation.